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SQA Solution provides Mobile Test Automation solutions helping organizations realize the benefits of mobile test automation that increases your ability maximize test coverage and, over time, minimize the costs associated with testing by eliminating the human element of manually executing test suites. SQA Solution mobile test automation expertise will help your organization with mobile automation testing for regression purposes as well as OEM’s testing and different carrier testing. Depending on your organization’s mobile automation testing goals, SQA Solution works with clients to create customized solutions that are designed to:

  • Testing earlier, smarter, and faster – Automated test scripts not only run faster than manual efforts but allow you to increase your test window running continuously in the background 24/7 avoiding loss of productivity and burnout allowing resources focus on other critical tasks helping you achieve more for less.
  • Finding critical issues earlier – Automation increases the reliability of your test results by eliminating the error probability of manual testing leveraging dependable reusable scripts.
  • Pay only for what you need Minimize testing costs leveraging SQA Solution On-Demand delivery model allowing you to tailor your testing solution to focus your budget dollars where they’re most needed.

Creating Solutions

SQA Solution helps clients by creating mobile test automation solutions for any number of testing efforts depending on individual needs and goals. We can help you create and implement a strategy for:

Functional / Regression Testing – Validation that system and software operations perform as expected either as individual components, full regression suites, or acceptance testing.

Load and Performance Testing – Determining the points at which the capacity and performance of the system become degraded to the situation that hardware or software upgrades would be required.


Check out Mobile Test Automation case study to see what we’ve done for other clients.

Check out Mobile Test Automation case study to see what we’ve done for other clients.

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Providing Expertise

SQA Solution experts are experienced and have a strong knowledge base leveraging industry leading mobile testing tools. Our process includes:

Scope test cases and test data

Define test environment and testing parameters

Develop test scripts

Unit Test Scripts

Execute Scripts and gather test results

Once all issues are resolved we re run test scripts

Test Scripts with all user documentation is turned over to a client

Improving Your ROI on Mobile Test Automation

Mobile Test automation, when done right, not only increases efficiencies within the testing phase, but throughout the systems development lifecycle. Realizing the cost benefits of automation requires a solid implementation strategy and an ROI calculation approach. When assessed quantitatively, leadership can fully understand how to leverage the initial investment of automation toward long-term savings. For more information on costs savings associated with automation and examples of ROI calculations, request our white paper on the Cost Benefits of Test Automation.

How SQA Solution Can Help You

Want to learn more about how SQA Solution can help you to create and implement your organization automation strategy? Contact Us to get detailed information about what’s included in our services. Request a quote from us today!

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