Mobile App Compatibility Testing on Real Handsets

Mobile App Compatibility Testing

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We verify Mobile App Compatibility on various devices with various screen sizes, resolutions and hardware. Our team focuses on ensuring Mobile App Compatibility across all devices. Your mobile application will be tested on various intended devices of different sizes, resolutions, screens, OS Versions, and hardware. We start out by analyzing the devices from the end user market and agreeing on in scope OS/devices. Compatibility and Interoperability testing is managed, reported using our in-house or your Bug tracking and test management tools. Mobile Development companies often find themselves puzzled with how to test on as many devices and how an application will work on a specific device/Carrier.

It’s a constant juggle to balance between priorities. And, in addition, mobile companies developing mobile applications are faced with the challenge of working with a multitude of operating system versions, environments, and platforms often resulting in a decision to release applications that aren’t really ready for a prime time. Our Mobile Handset Testing and Certification testing is designed to assure mobile companies that their applications are working on desired devices instead of frustrating customers and loosing revenues due to incompatibility with a device, carrier or OS. We’ve partnered with Device Anywhere that allows our engineers to test on simulated devices as well as real handset devices connected to live global networks that fully test the end user experience. The constant additions of OS, devices, and carriers makes development and testing more complicated. Setting up mobile testing processes within continually evolving technologies is challenging, but critical to success when comes to testing mobile applications. In addition to evolving mobile technologies, the amount of users globally expands each day. SQA Solution is here to help you!

  • Increase Application Quality – Testing earlier, smarter, and faster by leveraging SQA Solution experienced Mobile Handset testing resources throughout your development cycle.
  • Accelerate Time-to-Market – Finding critical issues earlier and preventing delays that are caused by issues found late. Bugs detected and fixed early are less expensive and keep your project quality up and costs down.
  • Minimize Testing Costs – Pay only for what you need with SQA Solution On-Demand delivery model allowing you to tailor your testing solution to focus your budget dollars where they’re most needed.

Creating Solutions

It only takes one bug to impact your organization’s usage and revenue and this no longer needs to be the case. SQA Solution QA testing experts can provide your company with a strategic and tactical solution for testing mobile handsets. SQA Solution can catch hidden bugs before you launch giving your customers the best possible user experience while minimizing the impact to your bottom line. We enable you to succeed and provide solutions that give you the best approach to mix manual and automated testing strategies.

Check out our Mobile App on Handset Testing Case Study to see what we’ve done for other clients!

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Providing Expertise

Depending on the complexity of your product and the number of devices/OS to be tested, projects can be performed in a week or less.

Functional Testing – Ensuring functionality on specified handsets
Performance/Benchmark Testing – We measure how long each action takes in specific environments and provide benchmarks for you to better assess user’s experiences.
Certification – We certify that a specific application build work on a carriers network and supported devices/OS.
Compatibility – We can test your mobile applications compatibility with various devices and OS.
Mobile Test Automation – We can build a set of reusable automated mobile test scripts that you can use for future regression testing.

Our Mobile Handset Quality Assurance services can be leveraged in multiple ways from On-Demand to fully managed outsource solutions, depending on your needs. Here’s a few ways we can help your next project:

Our  Handset Testing Process:

Define Testing Scope (Define a list of supported devices/OS/carriers)
Build Test Plan and Test Cases
Setup Test Environment (back end and devices)
Execute Tests
Review and work with dev team to resolve found defects
Retest fixes
Create Test Summary Report
Obtain Quality Certificate

How SQA Solution Can Help You

Want to learn more about how SQA Solution can help you to create and implement your organization’s Mobile Handset Testing strategy? Contact Us to get detailed information about what’s included in our services. Request a quote from us today!

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