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Do you need software that is scalable in different Operating Systems, browsers, Databases, and App Servers? Do you need your software to work under a different configuration, display resolutions, and internet speed? With our professional SQA lab and qualified testers, we will provide you with state-of-the-art Compatibility Testing.

Why Outsource Your Compatibility Testing to SQA Solution

SQA Solution is successful at testing products for compatibility with hardware and software environments. We can compatibility test your website, CD, or application quickly and inexpensively.

SQA Solution operates testing labs with all the hardware and software needed for such testing, including:

  • PCs, MACs, and UNIX workstations and servers.
  • Old and new versions of Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP, MacOS, Linux, and many varieties of UNIX.
  • Old and new browsers, including Netscape, Internet Explorer, and AOL.
  • A variety of other application software.

Visit Our Web QA Lab for all available environments.

Visit Our Mobile QA Lab for all available environments.

The constant addition of new browsers, plug-ins, third party apps and programming languages makes development and testing on the web more complicated. Setting up web testing processes within continually evolving technologies is challenging, but is critical to success when comes to testing web applications. In addition to evolving web technologies, the number of users globally expands each day. SQA Solution is here to help you:

  • Increase Application Quality – Test earlier, smarter, and faster by leveraging SQA Solution’s experienced Web Application testing resources throughout your development cycle.
  • Accelerate Time-to-Market – Find critical issues earlier, preventing delays that are caused by issues found late. Bugs detected and fixed early are less expensive and keep your project quality up and costs down.
  • Minimize Testing Costs – Pay only for what you need with SQA Solution’s On-Demand delivery model. This allows you to tailor your testing solution to focus your budget dollars where they’re most needed.

Creating Solutions

It only takes one  bug to impact your organization’s usage and revenue, and this no longer needs to be the case. SQA Solution’s experienced QA testers can provide your company with a strategic and tactical solution for Compatibility Testing. SQA Solution can catch hidden bugs before you launch, giving your customers the best possible user experience and minimizing the impact to your bottom line.

Check out Compatibility Testing case studies to see what we’ve done for other clients!

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Providing Expertise

  • Expert consultation on defining the compatibility issues that are significant for your product and a cost-effective matrix of platforms it should be tested against.
  • Development of a Compatibility Test Plan specifying exactly what tests will be executed.
  • Test execution by our staff of experienced test engineers.

Depending on the complexity of your product and the number of platforms to be tested, projects can be completed in a week or less.

How SQA Solution Can Help You

Want to learn more about how SQA Solution can help you with your Compatibility Testing strategy? Contact Us to get detailed information about what’s included in our services.

Note: Want to learn even more about how we can help out with your testing strategy? Visit our other site,, to get detailed information about what’s included in our services.
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