iPhone Testers Meeting Group on February 18 in San Francisco


Case Study 1: Next generation lead generation and distribution system integration with iPhone.

Our client decided to outsource the testing and test maintenance of the entire technology solution to SQA Solution. The SQA Solution team was abreast of the latest iPhone technologies and architected a testing solution. Not only SQA Solution tested and released a robust software solution in as low as four man weeks time but also worked with the business team to increase the profitability per lead by 20%.

Case Study 2: Mobile Resource Management (MRM) testing

A global leader in the rapidly expanding Mobile Resource Management (MRM) market develops software as a service (SaaS) model which makes it simple and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes to leverage their services. Client contacted SQA Solution with its strong expertise in testing Enterprise class Mobile applications for Java based phones, Blackberry, Windows Smart Phones and Apple Iphone applications and realized that it was an obvious choice. SQA Solution has achieved an impeccable record of on-time and high quality delivery on each and every milestone of the project(s).

Case Study 3: One of top 10 Pharma Companies.

Our Team tested a CRM application for pharma company, which enabled all of sales reps exchange information about doctors. We tested entire application and released the service on time. Our consultants started out by defining the tests and boundaries for the application. We performed functional testing first and proceeded with Data Integrity, Usability, Compatibility with different versions of OS, UI Response in case of different lighting conditions (Like sunlight, dim light etc),Application Settings response (testing preferences),Crash Points (Null Pointers/Segmentation Faults), Low Connectivity Response, Low Memory Callback Handling, Sleep Mode Response, Accelerometer Response (moving phone),Battery Usage, Retrials in Case of network disconnect, Localization, Data Filtering Response, Time Zone Change Response tests.