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The demand for mobile applications continues to grow and, because of this, the need for testing partners in the mobile industry is becoming increasingly important. Unlike other testing, mobile applications testing requires special testing tools and techniques. The wide variety of mobile technologies, platforms, and devices presents a distinct challenge when developing efficient strategies to test mobile software.

While the programming of mobile devices remains similar to other development approaches, testing and validation can be a totally different animal. For sufficient validation, there’s a need for software testing tools and processes that address the mobile application’s unique challenges. Whether a solution involves automated testing tools or manual validation, you’ll need a solid strategy to release a competitive product that works on mobile platforms. SQA Solution can help you to:

  • Increase Application Quality – Test earlier, smarter, and faster by leveraging SQA Solution’s experienced Mobile testing resources throughout your development cycle.
  • Accelerate Time-to-Market – Find critical issues earlier, which prevents delays that are caused by issues normally found late in the cycle. Bugs detected and fixed early are less expensive, keeping your project quality up and costs down.
  • Minimize Testing Costs – Pay only for what you need with our SQA Solution On-Demand delivery model. This allows you to tailor your testing solutions so you can focus your budget dollars where they’re most needed.

Creating Solutions for Mobile Applications

SQA Solution’s experienced resources can integrate with your team to seamlessly enhance results and shorten the project time of your mobile application project. We offer a full suite of tactical and strategic mobile application testing solutions. And, depending on your specific needs, we will support your project with all or part of the validation effort.

Our comprehensive mobile application testing services will give you confidence that your application will function as intended on different devices with varying screen sizes, resolutions, internal hardware, operating systems, and carriers. We can help you with any or all of the following mobile application testing efforts:

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Providing Expertise

Our mobile application test experts will help create an implementation test strategy by leveraging our best practices and technologies. The strength of over a decade of software testing improvements, combined with a deep working knowledge of mobile applications, makes SQA Solution the clear leader, applying cutting-edge test technologies and methodologies.

With resources in the US, Ukraine, India, and Canada, SQA Solution’s consultants provide mobile application testing expertise. You can hire our experts to work on-site, augmenting your team, or as an outsourced model. Our team has technical skills, business knowledge, and extensive experience testing multiple devices, different internal hardware, operating systems, and carriers.

How SQA Solution Can Help You

Want to learn more about how SQA Solution can help you create and implement your organization’s Mobile Application test strategy? Contact Us to get detailed information about what’s included in our services.

Note: Want to learn even more about how we can help out with your testing strategy? Visit our other site,, to get detailed information about what’s included in our services.
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