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Finance Industry Testing

Financial Services are still in recovery from an economic downturn. With a focus on financial responsibility for organizations, there’s an increased need to implement technology and operational processes to detect issues early. More than ever, the focus is on improving the customer experience, new products, lower operating costs, maximizing resources, mobile banking, corporate actions, exception management, enterprise loyalty, and regulatory compliance. And, as a result, today’s competitive market banks must constantly upgrade their software applications to meet the demands of their clients for better and more sophisticated software in the shortest possible time.

To help you accomplish these goals, our QA experts can assist you to:

  • Increase Application Quality – Test earlier, smarter, and faster by leveraging our experienced testing resources throughout your development cycle.
  • Accelerate Time-to-Market – Find critical issues earlier and prevent delays that are caused by issues normally found late in the cycle. Bugs detected and fixed early are less expensive, keeping your project quality up and costs down.
  • Minimize Testing Costs – Pay only for what you need by using our SQA Solution On-Demand delivery model. This allows you to tailor your testing solutions so you can focus your budget dollars where they’re most needed.

Creating Testing Solutions for Financial Services

SQA Solution specializes in financial software testing, and more than 40 finance-related projects for many global finance organizations have been completed by our experts. Our management and testing experts have extensive banking and finance experience and they deliver quality financial testing solutions. SQA Solution understands the challenges that are driven by a difficult economic environment and intense regulatory scrutiny.  This is why our primary focus is delivering results-oriented and cost-effective services. Testing reduces risk. Finance means money and, therefore, errors can be extremely costly. SQA Solution’s Financial Testing Services will help:

  • Enable 100% functional coverage.
  • Ensure coverage of scope through requirements-driven testing.
  • Provide timely reporting of quality and risks in the application under development through rigorous reporting and a control panel during test execution.
  • Ensure leadership in test planning and execution.
  • Leverage proven methodologies and processes that have been successfully executed on more than 40 finance-related projects.

Check out Financial Services case studies to see what we’ve done for Finance clients!

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Providing Expertise

SQA Solution’s experts have extensive experience testing many types of financial organizations. We have performed software testing for:

Mutual Funds Retail banks
Investment banking Community banks
Debt Collections Lending Organizations

Our QA engineers also have experience testing core banking software products, such as:

Mobile Banking Online Banking
SOX Testing FIX Income Testing

Our financial industry testing experience will help you during every stage of the software development process. Our skilled Finance QA team will work with you to identify scope of testing and help you with any QA-related tasks, including:

How SQA Solution Can Help You

Want to learn more about how SQA Solution can help you to create and implement your organization’s Financial Services test strategies? Contact Us to get detailed information about what’s included in our services.

Note: Want to learn even more about how we can help out with your testing strategy? Visit our other site,, to get detailed information about what’s included in our services.
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