Exploratory testing

Exploratory testing is the most efficient and effective approach to testing software. It produces useful results from the first hours of testing, and finds the biggest bugs faster than any other approach. Furthermore, it finds bugs that other approaches won’t find at all.

Exploratory testing is not constrained in any way. The objective is to expose information that is of value to stakeholders and assess the quality of the software. Exploratory testers are always looking for what we term ’emergent behaviors’, which are behaviors that could not have been predicted prior to the start of testing.

What we test

 desktop  mobile  web

How it works


Fill up a short form with basic information about your project as well as a brief description of your testing needs and specific instructions.

 QA Project Manager will get in touch with you over phone or email to clarify any remaining issues. You will also discuss the number of QA needed as well as mobile devices and their OS, deadlines, test plan and any other special requirements that you may have.

 call back

Based on the supplied information we will prepare Teaming Agreement for you.

Our professional QA Engineers and testers will start testing. You will receive all the reported issues submitted into bug-tracking-system so you may continue fixing the issues.


What it costs


Pricing starts as low as $25 per testing hour


Getting started with SQA Solution is more affordable than you may think. Find out how SQA Solution testing services fits into your budget .

 What our clients say

What your benefits are


  • QA On Demand! Our on-demand service provides extremely fast ramp-up speeds and project flexibility; depending on project scope, SQA Solution can usually ramp-up within 1-2 days.
  • Test your app on multitudes of real devices with professional testers.
  • Pay only for the time spent on testing. No hidden fees, required commitments or fine print.
  • No Contractual Minimums! We don’t lock clients into a long-term contract, like many other testing firms do; instead, we choose to build long-term relationships and keep our clients coming back, simply because they like working with us.
  • Knowledge Retention! Our minimal employee turnover combined with special scheduling, allows us to provide our clients almost every time with the same Project Manager and test team members for all of their projects at no extra cost.
  • Work directly with QA project manager that will assist you on every step of the process.
  • Get results faster and cheaper
  • Get testing results as soon as 24 hours after start.
  • Appreciate a professionally written bug reports and enhancements.
  • Full Transparency! Our full transparency spans from the contract phase to project completion with itemized pricing, reliable cost estimates, constant communication, daily status reports, and no last minute surprises—ever.
  • Seamless Integration! Our services fully adhere to our clients’ methodologies and processes. It is our #1 goal to seamlessly integrate with your existing in-house QA teams, and relieve some of the stress of tight QA timelines and deadlines.
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