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Software applications are a critical aspect of keeping your day-to-day business operations running smoothly and efficiently. Software applications that don’t function correctly could put your business at risk, often resulting in costly fixes and reduced customer confidence. SQA Solution tracks IT successes and failures by surveying over 13,000 software development projects over the course of a year. Our research has identified that 51% of projects exceed budget, miss deadlines, and fail to deliver the right functionality to support their businesses. Flaws in software cost the U.S. economy $59.5 billion annually. Much of this is avoidable by having high-quality software and excellent testing processes.

Our Independent Verification and Validation (Outsourced Testing) ensures that your product will meet your desired quality goals. SQA Solution can partner with you to identify risk elements throughout the product development process. This allows you to respond quickly and mitigate risks earlier in the development life cycle, with more effectiveness, and with less impact on cost and schedule.

This is why we offer Independent Verification and Validation. Our San Francisco QA and Testing lab and our on-site QA resources are available to perform any of our services, including:


Our SQA Solution IV & V team is knowledgeable and advocates on your behalf throughout the development process, independent of any considerations.


Verifying each step in the development process is complete and on track.


Validate that your software application meets agreed upon business requirements.

  • We ensure that each milestone met its acceptance criteria.
  • We verify and adhere to a testing methodologies and processes, provide timely status reports and quality metrics.
  • We Very Acceptance Criteria and Release Criteria prior to releasing a product.
  • We Recommend enhancements.

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How SQA Solution Can Help You

Want to learn more about how SQA Solution can help you to create and implement your organization’s Independent Verification and Validation? Contact Us to get detailed information about what’s included in our services.

Note: Want to learn even more about how we can help out with your testing strategy? Visit our other site, www.SQASolution.com, to get detailed information about what’s included in our services.
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