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Do you know what Crowdsourcing is? It’s the latest buzz word in the software testing services world: a way of using a qualified crowd as a testing team. Instead of just you or your developers doing software QA testing, a number of qualified QA engineers are used, enabling you to get a much greater sense of the way your product works in the real world. Think of it as outsourced software testing, which is done to ensure that your software does everything it’s intended to do, but with the added benefit of several QA experts (a crowd) rather than just one or two. Two pair of eyes is always better than one and of course many eyes are even better. This is the future of software testing services.

Software testing companies play an important role in the development stage of software. Crowdsourcing is just like a Cloud QA Team revolutionizing the way industries hire QA engineers. We are changing a way QA is done allowing software companies to know exactly how their product will perform when it is released to users. Our Team can help you get ready for your next product launch by conducting thorough exploratory testing. We’ll help you select the right QA engineers from our team to explore your software for bugs that are NOT likely to be found through scripted or automated testing right here in our testing lab. Our engineers are well equipped to perform many tests to uncover hidden defects that are NOT likely to be found by other QA teams. We specialize in:

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We launched crowdsourcing services to allow software companies to access a pool of QA experts. SAQ Solution is a professional Quality Assurance and Software Testing service provider with qualified Testing Experts who are committed to provide creative QA/Testing solutions to challenging technical projects.

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