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At SQA Solution, we offer Agile Testing Services (SCRUM), using the industry’s latest methodologies. Short QA cycles in Agile development can be challenging for a QA team to release on schedule. You can benefit from our On Demand Testing Model for Agile Teams by tapping into our qualified and experienced software testers and never miss another deadline. We offer On Demand Testing to agile development teams and can implement an agile process for your software organization. We can create and execute ‘user-stories’ and report back to your project team. We offer Agile testing on-site, onshore or in offshore offices, allowing you to take advantage of QA testing 24/7. We can also consult or augment your agile QA teams. We scope, plan and execute ‘user-stories’. Our QA Engineers and testing experts create User Story acceptance tests and then can execute and automate them. When we build User Stories for functional testing we always keep regression in mind so you are prepped with asuite of automation scripts. In agile development, high number of releases and rapid code delivery can overwhelm your QA team without an agile automation framework in place. Our qualified Test Automation Experts work directly with you to build a solid foundation for Agile Test Automation. Our experts work on GUI and Unit test frameworks for agile automation. Our Agile Testing Team offers:

We consult with our clients about the transition to an agile environment such as SCRUM, to allow them to work on new sprints, and maintain high quality testing standards. In implementing an agile methodology we ensure the most efficient processes and state of the art tools are implemented successfully. Learn more about our Agile Testing Success

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