Our Partners

Software Development Companies and IT Organizations

We partner with Software Development Companies and IT organizations to solve all or any of their Software Testing Needs. We offer companies Free Rapid Assessment that allows us to carefully review our clients’ testing needs and offer them a customized solution that fits their schedule, budget, and culture.

If you are interested in our services or becoming one of our partners, please Contact Us at bizdev@sqasolution.com

SQA Leads/Managers/Directors

We partner with SQA Management Personnel to ensure that we can offer our services whenever you need them. There may be many times when your staff is busy with their current workload, and you’ll need one or more people who can help you for a day, week, month, or longer.

We are here for you to provide you with the flexibility of being able to employ our services temporarily. We are set up to accommodate on-demand requests, and have the capabilities and skills to begin projects in the shortest time possible.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Black Box Testing
  • Executing regression test suite
  • Verifying the data/hardware migration
  • Designing test cases
  • Implementing SQA Tools and Processes
  • Designing Standard Operating Procedures

Web Design / Marketing Firms

We partner with Web Design and Marketing Firms, offering the testing services for their clients’ websites. Most web development firms are required to have a third-party testing company. With our cost-effective Black Box testing program, we are able to offer a one-stop solution. We also specialize in testing intranets, e-commerce, and web content management sites.

Pharma and other Companies working on Validated / Regulated Software

We have a lot of experience working in the validated software arena. Our staff is certified in working with FDA Regulated companies, following 21 CFR Part 11 Guidelines, and adhering to both GMP and GCP practices.

We also understand the importance of passing an audit. We bring to the table experience with a number of different tools and methodologies that we have utilized in the past. In addition, we created state-of-the-art templates we can use for documentation that is specifically SQA related. We have experienced great success with auditors accepting our documentation, both from the FDA and the top 10 Pharma companies.

SOX Compliance is another major regulation and many companies struggle to ensure that their software is SOX complaint. We have written a number of test plans that relate to ensuring SOX compliance.

Strategic Partnerships

SQA Solution builds relationships with technology leaders in the Quality Assurance arena. Our goal is to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, tools, and methodologies that drive and empower best practices and testing efficiencies. We are committed to investing in partnerships that save our customers time and money, while enabling the high-quality, cutting-edge services that they deserve.

With this vision, SQA Solution formed strategic partnerships with both HP and IBM. This provides powerful and affordable solutions. It gives companies more tools and resources to work productively and efficiently, accelerating ROI. This partnership allows our clients to leverage and apply collective experiences to effectively address mission critical business priorities, challenges, and tasks. SQA Solution is an authorized re-seller and can consult with you to select the right tools and help you implement them seamlessly.


SQA Solution is an IBM Business Partner with a concentration on the Rational Software Brand. We can assist you with the best IBM software in the areas of requirements, change management, test management, functional testing, performance testing, defect tracking, build and release management, and application security.


SQA Solution is an accredited HP Software Business Partner with the requisite level of certification in HP Software solutions. As an HP Business Partner, we can help you choose the right solutions for your business, giving you a clear competitive advantage. Our strategic alliance allows us to resell, integrate, and consult, which ensures that you receive a HP solution tailored to fit your specific needs.

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