Competitive Advantage

Rent Testers
  • Expertise
  • On-Demand
  • Affordability
  • Speed
  • Quality & Test Coverage
  • Subject Matter Expertise
Our teams include Engineers, Analysts, Testers, Managers, and Release/Configuration Managers with specialized Software Quality Assurance skills across multiple platforms and domains. In addition to our technical savvy and experience with testing tools, our teams offer business knowledge in a variety of Industries, including Life Science, Finance, Mobile, Web, Retail, Government, and more.

On-Demand Resource Model

Don’t pay for services you don’t need. SQA Solution understands that every company has different schedule and testing needs. This is why we offer dynamic Delivery Models that enable our customers to purchase only what is needed at a specific point in time.

SQA Solution offers expansive Testing Services that can be leveraged individually or bundled for more comprehensive coverage. It’s all about what you, as our client, need.

Affordable QA Costs

We provide solutions for companies that are looking to control their IT costs without sacrificing quality, convenience, or coverage. We all know that buggy software decreases usage, compromises revenue, and can put your organization at risk for costly violations of government regulations. Furthermore, fixing bugs found earlier in the development cycle will cost much less than fixing bugs found by your users after product release.

Our clients experience significant cost savings by leveraging our On-Demand services. They benefit by reducing their QA overhead while simultaneously letting us help them improve their testing processes. We assist with:


We help you test early, test robustly, and offload costly overhead.


We deliver what you need, when you need it, and where you need it. By using our services, you test when it fits your schedule, with no long-term contracts or commitments.

Savings We offer a QA solution for much less than hiring additional staff members or contractors.

Time to Market

You can release your software faster than your competition by working with a SQA Solution QA team. We help companies ramp up or down to meet their testing needs as needed, avoiding staffing constraints that arise during peak release periods. Our On-Demand Model is ideal for those working with tight budgets and employing short-cycle development processes. In fact, SQA Solution can speed up your time-to-market with real-time responsiveness.

Build a virtual testing team from scratch, or have the SQA Solution community act as an on-demand extension of your internal QA department – an ideal solution for lean start-ups as well as larger teams looking to ramp up around peak release periods.

Increase Quality and Maximize Test Coverage

Users want software to be error-free and fully functional from day one. Systems that are error prone are costly. SQA Solution can help increase your application’s quality by giving you access to a wide range of QA skill sets.

We can provide your company with the tools needed to oversee the entire testing cycle. To begin the process, just specify your QA requirements for tester experience, location, language, OS and browser, and then SQA Solution will select the right testers for your project. And, because SQA Solution is on-demand, you pay for only those services you require to be successful.

Want to learn more about how SQA Solution can provide your company with a competitive advantage and affordable software testing? Read one of our Case Studies and Contact Us to get detailed information about what is included in our services.

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