QA Resume Preparation Guidelines

by admin on September 4, 2015

Even before the interviewer meets you he will meet your resume. The interviewer looking at your resume is 20% of the interview happening without you even knowing it. Attaching a cover letter really impresses and makes you look traditionally formal. Yes, even if you are sending your CV through email send a cover letter.

The following should be included in your resume:

  • Start with an objective or summary, for instance:
    • Worked as a senior tester for more than 4 years.
    • Implemented testing automation in projects.
    • Followed the industry’s best practices and adhered and implemented processes, which enhanced the quality of technical delivery.
    • Pledge to deliver the best technical solutions to the industry.
  • Specify your core strengths at the start of your resume so the interviewer can decide quickly if you are eligible for the position.

For example:

  • Looked after SQA and testing department independently.
  • Played a major role in software testing automation.
  • Worked extensively in software testing planning and estimation.
  • Well-versed with the CMMI process and followed it extensively in projects.
  • Looking forward to work as an SQA or in a senior manager position. (This is also a good place to specify your objective or position, which makes it clear to the interviewer that he should call you for an interview.)

For instance, if you are looking for a senior position specify it explicitly: ‘looking for a senior position.’ Any kind of certification such as CSTE, etc., you should make visible in this section.

  • Once you have specified briefly your goals and what you have done it’s time to specify what type of technology you have worked with. For instance, BVA, automated QA, processes (Six Sigma, CMMI), TPA analysis, etc.
  • After that you can give a run through of your experience company-wise, that is, what company you have worked with, year/month joined and year/month left. This will give an overview to the interviewer of what type of companies you have associated yourself with. Now it’s time to mention all the projects you have worked on until now. It is best to start in descending order, that is, from your current project backward.

For every project include these things:

  • Project name/client name (It’s sometimes unethical to mention a client’s name; I leave it to the readers.)
  • Number of team members.
  • Time span of the project.
  • Tools, languages, and technology used to complete the project.
  • Brief summary of the project. Senior people who have much experience tend to increase their CV by putting in summaries for all projects. It is best for them to just put descriptions of the first three projects in descending order and the rest they can offer verbally during the interview.
  • Finally, include your education and personal details.
  • If working in a foreign country, remember your passport number.
  • Your resume should not be more than 4 to 5 pages.
  • Do not mention your salary in your CV. You can talk about it during the interview.
  • When you are writing summaries of projects make them effective by using verbs such as managed a team of 5 members, architected the project from start to finish, etc.
  • Make 4 to 5 copies of your resume as you will need them.
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QA Resume Writing Service LinkedIn Profile for QA Professionals
Free QA Resume Review QA Interview Coaching


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A software quality assurance engineer must have strong communication skills, along with exceptional documentation and time management skills. Companies require software quality assurance engineers to have a bachelor’s degree in software design or computer science, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and advancements.

 resume writing service  linkedIn  resume review  interview coaching
QA Resume Writing Service LinkedIn Profile for QA Professionals
Free QA Resume Review QA Interview Coaching

Software Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer Skills
Here’s a list of software quality assurance engineer skills for resumes, cover letters, job applications and interviews.

  • Ability to Code Automated Tests
  • Ability to Work Independently and In Team Based Environment
  • Analyze Test Results
  • Break Project Into Attainable Progress Goals
  • Capable of Using Source Code Repositories
  • Communicate With Technical and Non-Technical Resources
  • Create Test Plans
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Develop Standards and Procedures to Determine Product Quality and Release Readiness
  • Discover Bugs Within Software
  • Document Test Cases
  • Drive Innovation and Streamline Overall Testing Process
  • Excellent Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills
  • Experience With Agile Development Process
  • Experience With Web Based Testing Applications
  • Flexible
  • Identify Areas of Improvement
  • Identify, Isolate and Track Bugs Throughout Testing
  • Identify Potential Problems Users May Encounter
  • Interpret Technical and Business Objectives and Challenges
  • Perform and Document Risk Analysis
  • Perform Manual and Automated Testing
  • Proactive
  • Record Test Progress and Results
  • Research and Analyze Product Features Being Tested
  • Research New tools, Technologies, and Testing Processes
  • Review User Interfaces For Consistency and Functionality
  • Self-Motivated
  • Solid Understanding of QA Testing Environments
  • Strong Written and Verbal Communication
  • Think Outside The Box
  • Thorough Understanding of Software Development Life Cycles
  • Willingness to Learn New Technologies
  • Work Closely With Development and Product Teams
  • Work Efficiently in a Fast Paced Environment
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Protected: Interested

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Protected: July Applicants

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QA Resume Services

by admin on May 29, 2015

 resume writing service  linkedIn  resume review  interview coaching
Resume Writing Service LinkedIn Profile

Free Resume Review
Interview Coaching

resume writing serviceResume Writing Service

We will provide you with a professionally written QA resume.

The secret of our QA resume writing service lies in knowing precisely what to put in, precisely what not to put in, and exactly what kind of a spin to put on your resume, to ensure that your resume will stand right out from the crowd – to give you the very best possible chance of getting the QA job you want.  The advantages of having a cleverly written and powerfully-presented resume are obvious.

Once we receive your order, it will be assigned to a professional, highly experienced QA resume writer, skilled in Software Quality Assurance. They will then prepare a draft version of your new resume, before contacting you if necessary to clarify any minor points or to build up on any weaker areas.

Cover Letters

Cover letters are, according to a recent survey, seen by almost 50% of recruiters as being as important as the resume itself, although most people unfortunately spend the least amount of time on them.  When someone has hundreds of resumes to shortlist from, cover letters set the tone of an application, and should inspire the reader to turn over enthusiastically and read the enclosed resume. Take advantage of our cover letter service and maximize your chances of getting through to the interview stage. All of our cover letters are written and printed in the same style as your resume, ensuring a fully co-ordinated image.

Our Guarantees

Of course, under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, if you’re not 100% happy with your draft resume, we will revise it until you are. Simple as that. Customer service is our top priority – always has been and always will be.  But we generally get it right first time.

You may also wish to read our testimonials page to see what other delighted candidates have to say about our QA resume writing service.

Resume Delivery Methods

Delivery by email (of both drafts and completed orders) is free of charge and all part of the service at SQA Solution .

Email delivery covers the release of your resume (and any other documents you have ordered) in fully editable Microsoft Word format – so that you can print, update, modify, etc. as you wish.

Items which can’t be sent by email, e.g. USB Memory Sticks, are sent by postal mail. Delivery is also free for all orders and all items are carefully packaged in hard-backed envelopes to ensure they arrive undamaged.

linkedInLinkedIn Profile Writing

Is LinkedIn creating valuable QA job opportunities for you? Well, it certainly should be. When recruiters search LinkedIn looking for candidates in your line of work then you want them to find you – and then choose you.

Having a professionally written QA profile makes this much, much more likely, dramatically increasing your chances of getting the QA job you want – the job you deserve.

A LinkedIn profile is different from a resume but just as important.

It’s crucial to get the balance right on a LinkedIn profile by using the right keywords and being professional while still showing your personality.

The advantage of using our LinkedIn writing service is that we know exactly what to put in, what not to put in and what angle to put on your LinkedIn profile to ensure you’ll get found ahead of your competition.

We’ll give your LinkedIn profile the complete overhaul. We will:

  • Research and provide search engine optimized keywords so that recruiters and hiring managers can easily find you
  • Completely re-write your profile in the first person narrative
  • Write a profile that shows your professional personality and makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Provide an enticing summary that captures who you are, what you are doing and what you want from your career
  • Eliminate all spelling and grammar mistakes from your profile
  • Make sure your profile has calls to action so that you get contacted

resume reviewFree Resume Review

Send in a copy of your resume to SQA Solution Resume Review or register for one of our upcoming Resume Review sessions and one of our professional QA resume writers will assess it and email you with their suggestions as to how it could be improved to ensure it is viewed more positively by a prospective employer.

One of our resume writers will look carefully at a wide range of important criteria, from common mistakes to content and presentation and deliver a review indicating exactly what can be improved – and where.

interview coachingQA Interview Coaching

We offer a telephone-based interview coaching service to help give you that winning edge.  (And, for no extra charge, we can also work by webcam if you prefer.)

In our interview coaching sessions we can show you how to develop a winning strategy – planning and preparing for interview, from a brief chat over the telephone through onsite final interview.

Your interview coach can take you through plenty of real QA interview questions and make sure you know how to avoid cliché and really make an impact when handling both the classic questions – and the really tough ones that interviewers can throw at you.

And we can take you beyond the interview to discuss what you need to do to close the deal to your advantage.

You’ll find our interview coaching useful whether you are trying to land your first job, returning to the workplace after a career break or simply looking to take another step up the career ladder.

Our interview coaching service is also supported by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

 The QA Interview Prep

You’ve impressed them on paper; now it’s time to make a winning impact face-to-face.

There are a lot of ambitious, confident candidates out there, all with the experience and qualifications you have – and perhaps more – what are you going to do to make them choose you?

Far from simply showing up and ‘being yourself’, you need to plan, prepare and, most importantly, know what to expect. The Interview Preparation is based on years of coaching candidates to excel at QA interview, reveals the secrets behind interview success. You’ll find out:

  • How to prepare and plan for QA interview
  • The most common interview mistakes – and how to avoid them
  • Lots of practice questions and answers – plus the top ten questions interviewers ask
  • How to follow up and get the best deal

And much more…

No matter what your age, background, job or level of experience, this No. 1 best-seller will help you master the perfect interview technique.

QA Interview Questions & Answers

Take the fear out of your interview and never be stuck for the right answer to even the toughest questions with QA Interview Questions & Answers.

The QA job market is fierce, competition has never been greater and it’s important that you can grab every opportunity for competitive advantage and stay one step ahead. This session is by one of the world’s leading QA experts, this definitive guide to questions and answers encourages every QA job-hunter to think on your feet and express your individuality while supplying ideal responses to interview questions so that you’re seen as the ideal candidate for the job.

 How To Order

A resume is often all a prospective employer has to judge you on, so creating a powerful first impression is absolutely vital. Whether you’ve set your sights on changing companies, winning promotion, or simply regaining employment, with our evident expertise in this field we are confident that our assistance will maximize your chances of getting the job you deserve.

Your Name (required)

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Please tell us about your current job situation, what kind of job are you looking for, and any other details that might help us in prepping your resume.

I am interested in the following services:
 Resume Writing Service LinkedIn Profile Writing Interview Coaching Free Resume Review

Attach Your Resume (.DOC or .DOCX format only)


Enter the letters or numbers shown above:

Contact SQA Solution

24 hours a day,
7 days a week
+1 888 789-1482
Address: SQA Solution
140 San Pedro Rd., Daly City, A 94014
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We can offer quick, up-to-date professional advice on your QA – Software Testing resume and cover letter at our popular QA – Software Testing Resume Review sessions. Faced with a stack of hundreds of resumes to whittle down to a short list, a recruiter will spend absolutely no more than 30 seconds initially looking at each individual resume. The advantage of our resume service is that we know exactly what to include, what not to include, and what kind of an angle to use in your resume. We know how to ensure that your resume will stand out from your competition – to give you the greatest possible chance of getting the job you want. There really is no substitute for taking advantage of in-depth professional advice, experience and expertise. We will review your QA – Software Testing resume and let you know how you can make it more effective.

Resume is the only thing that represents you in your dream company at the very beginning. Writing resume isn’t  a rocket science, but most people do not do well.

We can help! Here is how.







Professional proofreader at SQA Solution reviews your QA – Software Testing resume and provide you with edit suggestions. You then modify your resume according to the suggestions and get back to us for another review. After the thumbs-up from the reviewer, you can the submit your resume to your dream company.

For your Resume Review session appointment make sure you:

  • Bring a paper copy of your resume or cover letter; usually only one can be reviewed in the time allocated.
  • Check-in at reception when you arrive; if you are more than 10 minutes late, you will have to reschedule.



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by admin on May 13, 2015

SFDC Interview Questions

SFDC Interview Questions

Question Excerpt
1.  Workflow rules can perform which of the following actions using standard functionality?
2.  The Organization ID (Org ID) of a sandbox environment is the same as its production environment.
3.  Jim is a system administrator for Universal Products Inc (UPI).  UPI currently uses org-wide public read/write for accounts. The sales department is concerned with sales reps being able to see each other’s account data, and would like sales reps to only be able to view their own accounts.  Sales managers should be able to view and edit all accounts owned by sales reps. The marketing department at UPI must be able to view all sales representative’s accounts at UPI. What steps must be configured in order to meet these requirements?
4.  The Data Loader can be used with Group Edition.
5.  What type of object relationship best describes the relationship between Campaigns and Leads (using standard Salesforce functionality)?
6.  Which of the following are valid Salesforce license types?
7.  Which of the following are either current or future planned offerings by or its subsidiaries?
8.  Bob is a consultant and is responsible for the data migration of an implmentation for his client, Universal Systems Inc (USI). USI wants to migrate contacts and accounts from their legacy CRM system, which has a similar data model (many contacts per one account; primary keys exist on contact and account). USI has provided Bob an export in CSV format of contacts and accounts of their legacy CRM system. What method should Bob use to migrate the data from the legacy system into Salesforce?
9.  Universal Products Inc (UPI) wants to perform a drip marketing campaign on leads generated through website submissions.  What is the ideal method to execute this type of campaign?
10.  Which of the following are valid ways to migrate metadata?

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Concolic testing, also known as directed automated random testing (DART) or dynamic symbolic execution, is an efficient way to automatically and systematically generate test inputs for programs. Concolic testing uses a combination of runtime symbolic execution and automated theorem proving techniques to automatically generate non-redundant and exhaustive test inputs.  Specifically, concolic testing performs symbolic execution along a concrete execution path, generates a logical formula denoting a constraint on the input values, and solves a constraint to generate new test inputs that would execute the program along previously unexplored paths.

A key goal of concolic testing in the context of software testing is to explore as many different program paths as possible in a given amount of time, and for each path to (1) generate a set of concrete input values exercising that path, and (2) check for the presence of various kinds of errors including assertion violations, uncaught exceptions, security vulnerabilities, and memory corruption. The ability to generate concrete test inputs is one of the major strengths of concolic testing: from a test generation perspective, it allows the creation of high-coverage test suites, while from a bug-finding perspective, it provides developers with a concrete input that triggers the bug, which can be used to confirm and debug the error independently of the symbolic execution tool that generated it.

Concolic testing has inspired the development of several industrial and academic automated testing and security tools such as PEX, SAGE, and YOGI at Microsoft, Apollo at IBM, Conbol at Samsung, and CUTE, jCUTE, CATG, Jalangi, SPLAT, BitBlaze, jFuzz, Oasis, and SmartFuzz in academia.  A central reason behind the wide adoption of concolic testing is that, while concolic testing uses program analysis and automated theorem proving techniques internally, it exposes a testing usage model that is familiar to most software developers.

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Class Demo and QA Boot camp Open House

by admin on March 2, 2015

Do you have QA openings?

Come and interview our QA Boot camp graduates.

What is QA Boot camp?

QA Bootcamp trains highly motivated individuals in web and mobile application testing and test automation. We teach best practices in Java, JUnit, TestNg, Selenium WebDriver, Git, SQL, and Test-Driven Development. Our learning environment includes pair testing, project based discovery, and a relentless focus on teamwork. At the completion of the 6 week program, students will have spent  over 200 hours in a hands-on,  intensive learning environment , coding test scripts to real problems and working on real projects.

QA Demo (Demo Day + Networking)

At the end of the program, QA Bootcamp is conducting a QA Demo day. A select handful of companies will be invited to watch students present their group projects. Afterwards you will have an opportunity to meet with the “Boots”. Employers are encouraged to set up interviews with graduates. Our fee is 10% of the salary of any QA Bootcamp graduates hired through our employer network and events.

QA Bootcamp’s Demo takes place Thursday, March 27, 2014 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.  Click Here to register. Please be on time. Snacks and refreshments will be served.

**PLEASE NOTE — This is not an open recruiting event. This event is for representatives from companies looking to hire QA Bootcamp grads only.**

After accepting our placement agreement each employer will be able to access an online profile for each graduate from our program. The profiles include their photo, a brief bio, their LinkedIn and GitHub profiles.

If this is your first time participating in one of our placement events we will contact you with additional information. If you have questions please email Fuad Mak directly at

Who are the students?

Each of the students at QA Boot camp was individually selected out of a pool of hundreds of applicants. Our students go through a rigorous application and screening process prior to acceptance into QA Boot camp, and were selected based on motivation, aptitude for learning how to test and interpersonal skills. Students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, including experience in corporate business, engineering, education, entrepreneurship, corporate business, law and other professional disciplines. There is also a small contingent of college students who have taken QA Bootcamp to enhance their career opportunities. QA Bootcamp students are a pool of top notch, dedicated, proven learners who have the requisite skills to make immediate contributions as junior-level developers.

Who are the staff?

The team at QA Bootcamp have extensive experience with software testing, test automation, teaching, and group facilitation. Many have tested software applications in both start up and corporate environments.

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Were You Born to Test Software? Tell Your Story!

We are looking for proposal to speak at Software QA and Testers meet up.The testing community wants to hear your story of your experience and insight into software testing. Proposals are now being accepted through March 21, 2015. Each QA meet up event is approximately 60 minutes in length and interactive sessions are encouraged. Submitting a proposal is easy – just provide a short description on your talk and some brief information on your personal background in software testing.

We want to learn more about your success stories, innovations, and practical lessons that Software QA and Testers meet up attendees will be able to take back to the office and use in their professional work.

Popular Presentation Topics:

Test Management 
Test Techniques Mobile Testing
Test Automation Agile Testing Agile
Cloud Testing Security 
Performance Testing
Personal Excellence  Metrics Development
Leadership Mobile Applications Project Management

And if your topic doesn’t fit into one of these categories, we encourage you to submit it— we are always looking for new ideas. Great presentations help attendees learn more about specific technologies, how they work, how to implement them, what types of tools to have in their technology toolboxes, and more.

Submit a proposal

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Phone Number (required)

Describe the topic you would like to discuss!


Enter the letters or numbers shown above:

Thanks for your interest!

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