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by admin on August 28, 2014


If you are just starting on your journey into the rapidly growing area of mobile application or website testing it can seem a daunting prospect. While many existing testing skills are transferable, there is a lot of new information and knowledge to learn and a lot of pitfalls to avoid. In this course you will pick up useful hints and tips, learnt from within the industry, on areas such as:

  • How software testing for mobile devices differs from the desktop world.
  • Understanding your mobile user.
  • How to form a successful mobile testing strategy.
  • How the mobile industry and technology impacts software testing.
  • Hints and tips on both manual and automated techniques.

This practical, hands-on, course will benefit not only those who are starting to test mobile, but also those that have been testing for a while, and want to improve their skills and learn more. You probably know how to use a mobile device so come along and learn how to test one!


  • Please bring a mobile device, preferably a smartphone. OS is not important, in fact the more variety the better.


  • What is mobile and why test on mobile?
  • The mobile consumer and mobile landscape.
  • Testing on mobile:
    • The similarities and differences to desktop.
    • Functional mobile testing.
    • Mobile payment and e-commerce.
    • UI, Gestures and Interactions.
  • Exercise – The Differences Between Devices and OS’s.
  • The Specifics of Mobile Testing:
    • Sapient vs. Automated.
    • UX Challenges and testing impact.
    • Non-functional testing and the extra’s to consider for mobile.
    • Mobile Networks and how they affect testing.
    • Submission to Apps Stores.
  • Exercise – Mind-mapping a mobile application.
  • Mobile test strategy:
    • Choosing your devices.
    • OS’s and Applications.
    • Understanding the customer and how they use mobile.
    • Targeting your mobile testing.
    • Getting out of the office.
  • Exercise – Real life testing challenge


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