Transitioning from Traditional QA to Agile Testing

by admin on May 22, 2014

2 Day Seminar on Transitioning from


Traditional QA to Agile Testing in SFO


Moving from traditional to agile testing is often a high-wire balancing act to some degree with little clear direction. In this workshop, We will share with you the lessons from teams we observed who have successfully made the transition. We’ll explore the requisite team skills, how to deal with agile requirements, the right strategies for developing agile automation, how to plan and test within your agile team, effective agile test metrics, and aspects of quality for agile teams. The lessons will be shared via real stories from real agile teams who have crossed this road —no hypothetical examples here!

And wrap up the session by sharing the cheat sheet of Agile Testing model to help you define and refine your agile transformation strategies. All in all, you will walk away from this session knowing how to begin your agile transformation or, if you’re already mired in agility, how to raise the bar for increased and sustained performance.

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Learning Objectives:

  1. The keys in building or transitioning your teams towards agile—what skills and characteristics to look for
  2. The level of planning, execution, and reporting that is relevant for agile testing within teams
  3. The keys to building and maintaining a multi-tiered agile automation approach
  4. The central changes test leadership and management needs to make in order to support the transformation
  5. How important it is to move from a testing focus towards a quality focus; and strategies for doing it

High Level Outline:

This is a full day workshop, split into 2-3 hour sessions.

On Day #1 we’ll explore more from a team perspective

  • Mindset of the agile tester
  • Testing activity within the sprint
  • Requirements, documentation, bugs – oh my!

On Day #2 we’ll focus more on agile automation, team leadership, metrics, and the 3Pillar strategy for agile adoption.

  • The Agile Test Automation Pyramid as the new automation strategy
  • Explore the 3Pillars model for balancing your transformation strategies
  • Test team management, metrics, and critical leadership adjustments


Who We Are

SQA Solution is an organization creating an environment that facilitates employment, networking, and learning opportunities for Software QA engineers in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley region.

SQA Solution organizes some of the best  QA and Testing events and seminars in the Bay with great corporate sponsors, venues, and QA rock star speakers. Our community consists of QA rock stars’ , CTO’s, QA Directors and Managers, Test Automation Engineers, Black Box Testers, White Box Testers, CSV Validation Engineers, Build and Release Engineers, Software Engineers, Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs,and other tech professionals.

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