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by admin on April 15, 2014

1. What is a meta-tag in HTML?
Meta tags define the document/ webpage including author, keywords and descriptions and languages.
2. What is the difference between HTML and XHTML?
HTML leans towards SGML, while XHTML leans towards to XML, including properly nested elements, elements must be closed, elements must be lowercased, and must have one root element.
3. What is MVC and its features? Name some popular MVC frameworks.
MVC is Model View Control.  User access the “Controller”  to manipulate the “Model”, the Model updates the View based on the Manipulation.
4.What are CSS transformations?
CSS transformation alllows you to create 2d or 3d shapes and allows you to rotate, scale, move, or skew the element.
5. When do you use CSS float and CSS Clear?
You use CCS Float when you want and element to position right, top right or left, top-left of the container while other elements to reflow around the floating element (Text for example), or line up elements horizontally next to eachother.
You use CSS Clear  on floating elements when you dont want any float elements align horizontally with the element that have a style of CSS clear.
6.What can you do to improve page performance for a webpage?
Reduce the number of ajax calls
Use Image Sprites
Minifying javascript and css files into one file.
Optimizing caching.
7. When would you use http GET and POST request, Please elaborate?
You would use a http GET request when you want to retrieve data that can be cached, bookmarked, and stored in history (not recommended for sensitive data because all data will be part of the URL)
You would use a http POST request for sending most sensitive information becuase it is harder to hack and access these informations
8.What is browser caching?
Browser caching is where files are saved (HTML, CSS, Javascript, images,  or any files associated with a webpage) when a user make a request to view a webpage. If the user access that webpage again, the will be accessing those files from the cache instead of downlaoding again (Reducing load time/lags and improves performance.)
9.Describe the differences between cookies, sessionstorage and localstorage(wrt webpage)?
Cookies is server side storage everytime a user visit a website, a cookie is stored on the users computer with a limit of 4095 bytes
Local storage and session storage is a client side storage that is more secure and faster, allow to store large amount of data and  used only when asked.
Local storage will be stored with no expiration date.
Session storage will be stored until the user close the browser window or tab.
10. What is the significance of DOCTYPE declaration in HTML.
To specify the rules on how the HTML is displayed
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