Share your thoughts on which frame work is better for Selenium Webdriver

by admin on April 10, 2014

Well it depends on what kind of tests you want to automate and what are your requirements.
I am trying my hands with custom made Page Object Framework using Java, TestNG and at least for now its serving the purpose. These are my requirements
Test Framework requirements for a person who is writing and modifying the tests
o Ease of writing the tests
o Rapid Development of new tests
o Domain Specific Language
o Ease of maintaining/modifying the tests based on application changes
o Ease of Debugging in order to fix the tests
o Ability to replaces the tool with a new tool without having to change the tests
Test Framework requirements for the person who is managing executing of the test suite and analyzing the results to sign off builds
o Continuous Integration Support
o Test Environment Initialization/ Test Data Initialization / Test Cleanup (whenever required)
o Console App – To quickly configure the tests based on execution needs / manage execution sequence
o Robustness – Stability – Consistency of Execution
o Auto Reruns for Failed tests to reduce test errors
o Manage/Maintain Test Execution Logs
o Capture Execution System information and Detailed Diagnostic Information when test fails to help report defects quickly (+ Automated Test Bug reporting)
o Speedy Execution and Execution Control – Multiple parallel executions with managing dependencies between test cases. Ability to distribute test execution load on multiple client machines and their orchestration.
o Results Dashboard and ability to drill down results with
 Clear distinction between Errors/failures
 Report Time of Execution at test level, group level and suite level
 Pass Fail Blocked Percentages Results Dashboard & drill down to details
 Clear distinction between Errors/failures
 Report Time of Execution
 Pass/ Fail/Blocked Percentages

Selenium Webdriver vs. JUnit vs. Cucumber vs. Ruby vs. PageObject vs. QTP. Which one is a better test framework?

I would like to say it is not a valid question. Such a comparison is an Apple to Banana one.

The valid comparison must be done in a specific context.

In terms of Web Application test, I believe Webdriver is the best because:
* Open source + Free
* Good compatibility with different browsers
* Strong support from community, plus Google/Facebook
* Multiple interface + JSON protocol

However, the API of selenium/webdriver itself is not that easy to use. I think it is somehow low level. I prefer the style of watir-webdriver ruby gem. It is more DOM oriented.

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