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by Calvin Ryu on August 28, 2013

I am a complete newbie but would like to enroll in your course. I have the following key questions that requires details or full explanations please …

1. Do you have a class in the Los Angeles area?
2. When is your next class?
3. Since I would have to come up from Los Angeles, do you offer accelerated program? Meaning, classes that are held “daily” and for longer hours?
4. Do you provide job placements? Usually, how many of your graduates end up with a high paying job and the timeline?
5. What’s the “average salary” we can expect after graduating from your program?
6. How is your program different than Dev Bootcamp or App Bootcamp?

Please “email” me the details? I am a very serious candidate.

Thank you,
Calvin Ryu

This post was submitted by Calvin Ryu.

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