Do You Develop or Test Websites? Insights on Outdated Browsers

by admin on January 25, 2013

Have you ever designed a website that looked great in Firefox and Chrome, but when you open it in an older browser, you get something like this? If so, you are not alone!


In this example, the image slider on the Home page isn’t working in Internet Explorer 8. It’s freezing between the change over of images so it displays half of two different images at once.

Approximately 30 percent of the Internet population still uses older browsers, such as IE 6, IE 7, or IE8. That’s quite a few people. Some web developers are choosing to ignore everyone who won’t update their browsers. But can you, or your client, really afford to do that?

If you develop or test websites, then you’ll be interested in the following article and thread about when (and if) you should still consider outdated browsers:  Click Here

There are many reasons why some people and companies choose not to upgrade, and the arguments are quite convincing. This thread is quite long, but it’s worth the read. Many developers and testers give their insights about why it IS important to continue developing for older browsers. Others say we should force people to upgrade because the development and testing on so many platforms is becoming too difficult.

What do you think? What has been your experience? If you enjoy this article, please share some of your insights on our blog.

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