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by admin on December 18, 2012

SQA Solution –  Offshore Testing Services

  • Significantly reduce the QA Cost by having an access to experienced engineers at 50% of US Salary Cost
  • 24/7 Testing support
  • Have an on Demand access to diverse skill set in an as-needed basis’
  • Have a single point of contact who manages resources, stays on top of the issues and allows
  • 24×7 testing
  • Great employee retention. Over 90% worked with us for over 3 years, and continue on supporting our clients

Check out Offshore Testing Services case studies to see what we’ve done for other clients!

Our offshore teams in Canada, India and Ukraine are the best testing experts overseas. SQA Solution offshore teams have been trained in our San Francisco office by top industry professionals. Our experts can assist you organization with:


For more information about our Offshore Testing Model, please feel free to Contact Us or Request a quote from us today!

SQA Solution is it company services, and one of the leading it service companies offering QA Services. Our offshore it organization is the most premier it offshore organization supporting application development providing quality of assurance. Learn more about quality assurance services click here. We specialize in quality assurance in it, and it quality assurance. Quality assurance is a practice of assuring the accuracy and functionality of a software. Being an it software company we partner with it company software managers to define the goals and defining what is testing in software. We use a lot of test automation tools and build test automation accelerators what we call software for testing software. It software testing is a challenge and learn more about software testing visit our case studies.

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