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by admin on November 4, 2011

Are you looking for a consulting company that will cater to your specific QA needs?   Have you ever thought about what type of staffing solution you need?  Would you like to discover, hire, and retain the most exceptional software quality assurance professionals on the market? Or, are you looking for an On Demand QA tester that you can ‘Rent’ from our pool of QA testers that have a wide variety of expertise in all aspects of QA?  Whatever your need or desire RentTesters can be your sole go-to partner for all your Software Quality Assurance staffing needs.

Who are we? SQA Experts!

RentTesters exclusively works in the realm of testing and release management and specializes in the art of detail, quality and exactness.  With years and years of experience we have the ability  to identify, assess, interview, and staff the perfect software quality assurance candidate to fulfill every key point of the employers job description.

We should be your only choice for QA Staffing!

We are unlike any other staffing company you’ve worked with. Not only can we find you a long term candidate that will suit your every desire but we can also provide you a qualified resource for immediate testing demands.  Therefore, RentTesters should be your one stop shop for all your Quality Assurance Staffing.


“…one of the very best testing teams…”

QA Manager, Pharma Company

“…providing difficult-to-find QA resources…”

Project Manger, e Marketting

“…always very thorough…”

CTO, Government Agency

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