Testing Data warehouse

by admin on September 28, 2011

Testing data ware house Process

Analyze Requirements and Design

Develop Test Plan

Create Test Cases and Test Scripts

Execute Test Cases and Scripts


Data Warehouse Testing Focused on testing of all Data Warehouse objects, all

DB components   (tables, views, columns, triggers, stored procedures)

Data Warehouse Configuration,

Security and access levels


Extraction Transformation and Load (ETL)  Testing – Verify DB scripts that loads data into Data Warehouse
Verify extraction logic
Verify transformation rules and logic
Verify Sums, verify that totals are calculating properly
Verify  Data completeness
Verify Data integrity
Verify Data validation
Verify Data quality
Verify Initial/Incremental load
Verify error handling
Verify error logging and alerts
Verify failover
Reports Testing – Verify Reports
Verify UI : Report presentation , downloading, pagination, summation, grand totals
Verify Drill down reports, sorting, filters
Verifying report’s data


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