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by admin on September 6, 2011

A data scientist helps companies make sense of the massive streams of digital information they collect every day, everything from internally generated sales reports to customer tweets. Our data scientists are statisticians who are able to extract information from large databases and then present it to business experts to make better business decisions. Our Data scientist have experience in munging, mining, and organizing huge data sets of both structured and unstructured data, and have keen analytical skills and algorithm design capabilities. Using statistical analysis, machine learning and visualization tools for large data sets of varied structure,  use crawling, data collection and indexing as well as with frameworks such as Hadoop and MapReduce. Developing statistical methods and models to provide answers, often working closely with leading academics, industry experts and engineers to create new tools and features that support sophisticated analytic of these data sets.

How RentTesters can help:

  • Write custom scripts (Python, Perl, Awk, Bash, shell, etc.) to cleanse, transform and normalize very large, often unstructured multi-format data sets
  • Develop creative augmentation, extension, and organization of data sets to support entity
    resolution activities
  • Performance tune applications and distribute jobs across a cluster
  • Experience with non-relational databases (Hadoop/pig)
  • Use techniques from business intelligence, statistical analysis and modeling to mine unique and valuable insights from multi-petabyte data streams
  • Create analyses and develop visualizations
  • Create re-usable implementations of statistical tests and models
  • Work with the academic and business community to develop new techniques and to contribute to and publish research in the area of data intelligence and analytics
  • Develop advanced data mining algorithms and applications

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