Case Study: iOS Test Automation and Build Process

by admin on August 23, 2011

The Client:

Our client is an expert iPhone Developer, offering expertise in iOS, Xcode and Cocoa for iPhone Application and Game Development

The Challenge:

Due do a rapid development process, our client’s agile environment team could not keep up with builds, as new changes were introducing more bugs.

The Solution: SQA Solution’s engineers  set up a machine to  automate building and testing, i.e. “continuous integration”.  We used Jenkins , which is pretty easy to set up and configure on a mac.   Every time code gets checked into a project, Jenkins checks out the code, runs unit tests, static code analysis (Clang), style checks, etc.   It builds, sends email reports on success/failure.  It’s set up to do adhoc builds for which a link can be emailed to team members.  You can even get it to do over-the-air installs .

The Benefits:

This kind of build automation & testing saves a tremendous amount of hands-on time, once it’s set up and running smoothly.


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