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Load and Performance Testing Infrastructure


To release a high capacity site requires a special attention for a load and performance testing. Our  Load and Performance Testing team will work with you to identify applications bottlenecks. Benchmarking performance is an essential task in a Software Development organization. Our team has trained experts in the industry and available tools to ensure that your organization will meet this critical challenge and be prepared for a successful launch of your system.

A performance engineer will be assigned to manage your project. He/she will help to determine the scope, complexity and size of the load, and the test architecture used for test execution. We will work closely with your team to develop accurate usage scenarios. Our load tests closely simulate the behavior of real-life users by varying the actions and session lengths of simulated users. Most aspects of the load test are completely customizable to meet your specific business needs.

Our Performance Testing Team experienced in :

Performance Testing – is testing that is performed, to determine how fast some aspect of a system performs under a particular workload.
Load Testing – is done to determine a system’s behavior under both normal and extreme load conditions. The goal is to identify the maximum operating capacity of a system as well as any bottlenecks and determine which element is causing degradation.
Volume Testing – is a software testing to verify systems functionality and stability with large amount of data.
Scalability Testing – is a test to measure its capability
Reliability testing – focused on optimizing the reliability, and probability of successful functioning, of a system
Recovery / failover  testing – testing how well an application is able to recover from crashes, hardware failures or other errors


Our experts have experience with :

  • LoadRunner – HP (formerly Mercury)
  • Visual Studio (VSTS) – Microsoft
  • SilkPerformer
  • Rational Performance Tester – IBM
  • QALoad – Micro Focus
  • JMeter
  • OpenSTA

We’ve done testing for:

RentTesters Load, Performance and Stress testing experts help ensure that your application performs under pressure by validating your system’s load and performance before it becomes a problem. Exercising your application under peak use is critical to your success – failure to do so adequately will impact system usability as well as your bottom line – money.

Check out Load & Performance Testing case studies to see what we’ve done for other clients!

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Providing Expertise

RentTesters robust load and performance testing framework uses a well-defined software performance testing methodology and tools to assure that products consistently meet performance requirements. Our approach includes performance benchmarking, and provides testing for load, stress, reliability, and scalability testing leveraging commercial and open source testing tools. Key performance metrics we collect during performance testing are:

Response time Throughput Resource utilization
Availability Latency Reliability

We also push your system to its’ limits with Stress Testing

How RentTesters Can Help You

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