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by admin on August 13, 2011

IT Testing Services

Rent Testers

SQA Solution offers wide range of software testing services to assure the success of our clients’ projects while getting the highest level of Return on Investment. SQA Solutionleverages proven test strategy for our customers built upon highest standards of test processes towards building successful testing. SQA Solution works with clients to independently assess current state of testing from strategic and operational perspectives, and set testing goals to transform their testing. Over the years, our experience in software testing has widened our range of services and today includes:


SQA SolutionvOn-Demand Testing Service

At SQA Solution , we understand the shifting nature of the business environment and we always adapt our services to meet our clients needs. SQA Solution provides Testing resources that can perform testing tasks on site or off site and available to our customers during release cycles, or sprints or when our clients’ quality process lifecycle makes it expedient. SQA SolutionOn Demand QA resources review Requirements and Specifications, create test cases, execute tests, follow-up on defect resolution and re-test the fixes. SQA Solution offers complete flexibility is just the solution for start up companies and projects with limited budgets and schedule.

We understand that each organization has its own unique set of requirements, processes, culture and business environment. Our flexible engagement and delivery models are designed to address your specific business and technology needs with an overriding emphasis on quality, risk management and measurable results. The following is a list of our engagement and delivery models. Click on an engagement model to learn more:

» Outsourcing

SQA Solution team works out of our San Francisco QA Center and TcOE facility, and depending on the project interaction requirements certain resources may work on-site with the client’s staff. This allows our client to leverage SQA Solution lab with computing, communication and network facilities and as always our team is scalable on-demand depending on project needs. Outsource your software testing and QA to SQA Solution today!


» Team Augmentation

Our consultant(s) work on-site at the client’s facilities, and work directly with the client’s development/IT team, business staff including vendors and customers and as always our team is scalable depending on project needs. Request an on site QA Engineer, contractor today!


» Offshore

All testing is done offshore at the SQA Solution QA Center in India, Ukraine and Canada allowing you to enjoy up to 50% in savings, in comparison with other QA Teams. Depending on our client needs some offshore QA engineers can visit our clients to excel in meeting our client expectations. A dedicated QA Lead works at each client’s location to manage and facilitate all interactions between the client and the offshore QA team. Our Test Center of Excellence in Ukraine and India allows you organization to execute tests in 24 hour cycles across muti time zones and during your normal business hours. Our team is scalable on-demand depending on project needs. Request your Offshore testing today!


» Crowd Sourcing

Software is getting more complex and innovative and globalized thus it makes sense to leverage most talented QA resources for your next software development project. Crowd sourcing is an innovative way to do software testing. Our software application experts are well versed in many industries and technically savvy and can test your application by unscripted exploratory test. Our clients see immediate benefits as we uncover bugs that were missed by their QA teams. Our QA Experts always ready for new challenges, Request a crowdsource testing today!


» Ask an Expert

We are passionate about software testing and enjoy talking about software testing. Our team offers over 200 years of combined experience working both for Fortune 500 companies as well as early and mid stage start ups, and helped many to release a quality app to the market.

Whether you want to discuss open source tools, load testing or a testing strategy, our QA experts are here to help you. Submit your question and a member of our technical staff will be in touch to discuss


» Agile (SCRUM) Testing Service

At RentTesters we are up to date with agile development methodology and we assist our clients with the transition to an agile environment such as SCRUM. In an agile environment, you work on new sprints, changes or updates to your application, and simultaneously delivering high quality applications. RentTesters can integrate into your agile team or streams of your organization, using defined ‘user-stories’. In implementing an agile methodology, we ensure the most efficient processes are implemented successfully and our clients increase their savings in QA cost .
Request Agile testing today!

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