Case Study: Release and Configuration Management

by admin on August 6, 2011

The Client

A small start-up with 100 employees.

The Challenge

Our client need to successfully integrate two products after a merger acquisition – a Java/WebLogic Platform with Oracle Back End, JSP Front End product and a Windows based Visual Basic/C++ with ASP Front End product. Without an established release and configuration process, integration would be challenging to tackle. They needed a consultant to come in and help set up a process and strategy that they could take forward.

The Solution

SQA Solution performed a Free Rapid Assessment and established a baseline for all subprojects that allowed us to assist the development team with creating a framework and then branch out the core files to head. Because releases must incorporate system changes and errors discovered by users and by hardware changes as well as new system functionality a solution was developed to include:

  • Procedures for branching, merging and labeling the code.
  • Build and deployment scripts and optimized them to the point of a one-click deployment. (Utilizing Visual Build for COM scripts and ANT for Java suite).
  • Policies and procedures for maintaining source control tool Microsoft Visual Source Safe.
  • Versioning scheme and release process.
  • Concepts of staging the code.
  • A lab for software compatibility.

The Benefit

  • Improved Customer Experience – Being a start-up, resources were lean and it made more sense to bring in an outside consultant with Release and Configuration Management experience to develop, create, and kick off a process that they could maintain internally for future projects. As a result the client gained a Streamlined Automated Release and Build and Deployment Process with a single optimally managed code repository.
  • Reduced Costs – Past experience means faster implementations. And, faster implementations mean fewer hiccups and downtime – all of which save money.
  • Expertise – Improved quality and productivity with automated software assembly processes. Client gained better visibility into projects for fast delivery of higher quality software as well as traceability across the software development life cycle.


Customer Quote

“Without a robust Release and Configuration team, we needed a consultant with the right kind of experience and expertise to come in and develop something we could follow. SQA Solution had a very doable solution for our team to follow.

—Director of Development

For more on how SQA Solution can help your company improve testing processes, check us out online at or call 1.888.789.1482.


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