Case Study: iMany CARS Government Pricing Testing

by admin on August 2, 2011

The Client

Our client is a global company specializing in the development, production, and marketing of generic and proprietary branded pharmaceuticals as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients. Our client is among the top 20 companies and one of the largest generic pharmaceutical compan- ies in the world.

The Challenge

Our client merged with another Pharma manufacturer and needed to verify and test combined systems and operations in the areas of Commercial Contracting and Medicaid Rebate processing into a single system for the combined companies.

The Solution

Our client utilizes the I-many suite of applications for contract management (I-many CARS, I-many Medicaid and I-many Government Pricing) and SQA Solution is the exclusive provider of Software Quality Assurance resources and is responsible for providing full time, day-to-day, on site and remote test support.

SQA Solution’s resources developed testing scripts and processes to merge iMany CARS Customer, Product and Contract data, automated membership loads and general data cleanup across the two companies. As well, we tested the merging of I-many Medicaid systems for Medicaid rebate processing.

  • Medicaid Rebate Testing – Validate transfer summary level data from one company’s I-many Medicaid system into our client’s I-many Medicaid system and use only our client’s I-many Medicaid system to manage this function going forward.
  • Commercial Contracting Testing – Validate that the project was to test transfer contract, customer, membership, eligibility and historical transaction data from I-many DPS system into our client’s I-many CARS system and use only the I-many CARS system to manage this function going forward.

SQA Solution performed an analysis of our client’s GPS system examining each requirement in detail. Our team produced a test plan/cases document to serve as the foundation for scope of the implementation phase of the project.

SQA Solution tested a full implementation of new compliance requirements into the I-many Government Pricing System.

Our deliverable included:

  • Test Strategy & Test Plan
  • Test cases and test scripts to test changes to existing price calculations:
  • Implementation testing of additional application functionality:
    • FSS module, Alerts
  • Enhancement and automation of data integration verification.
  • Data reconciliation between GP and source systems validation.
  • Historical data conversion testing.
  • Testing enhancements to existing interfaces to bring in new data fields.

The Benefit

  • Improved Customer Experience – Having in-house outsourced testing resources means that you have people familiar with internal processes who can ramp up or down according to your project needs.
  • Reduced Costs – Past experience means faster implementations. And, faster implementations mean fewer hiccups and downtime – all of which save money.
  • Expertise –SQA Solution’s extensive experience with the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology field means you can count on resources to come in and hit the ground running.


Customer Quote:

“We had a complicated merger and while we needed additional resources in testing, we couldn’t afford to lose time while ramping up new people. SQA Solution’s experience with our processes and with Pharma in general was a great asset.”

—QA Manager

For more information on how SQA Solution can help your company improve testing processes, check us out online at or call 1.888.789.1482.


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