Case Study: Iphone App Testing

by admin on August 1, 2011

The Client

Our client is a Global leader in Thin Computing.

The Challenge

Our client was developing an iPhone application that would allow users to remote desktop to any physical or virtual desktop.  They needed a partner with iPhone app testing expertise who also had a deep understanding of Usability Testing and App Store certification testing experience.

The Solution

They turned to SQA Solution for our extensive iPhone app testing experience and services. We began by a Free Rapid Assessment to understand the application’s functionality and processes. Our solution provided for both offsite and onsite resources with testing to be done at our San Francisco testing lab with two on-site days per week at the client site.

Our team manually tested functionality based on the requirements in the test environment to verify that all functions are implemented correctly and according to the specifications. We analyzed and recorded all test results.

We developed a set of features and test cases to be verified and created a test case management system that allowed our customer to monitor the progress of testing. We developed and executed following iPhone app test cases:

  • Functional Testing – Ensuring functionality of each function specified.
  • Performance and Scalability Testing – Backend applications will need to manage the traffic of multiple iPhone devices at the same time. SQA Solution will identify all the load issues and will help make system more scalable.
  • Usability & Compatibility Testing

SQA Solution effectively verified the effectiveness and Usability on the various devices including interoperability with other applications running on the iPhone device. SQA Solution certified the iPhone Application on iPod/iPhone/iPad:

  • UI Response – Verify response of each function and measure the performance of each response.
  • Settings response – Verify all settings available for the application and test the functionality of each setting.
  • Crash Points – Identify all crash points, and will work with development team to resolve them.
  • Low Connectivity – Validate the behavior of iPhone App in Low connectivity mode and verify proper behavior.
  • Response Memory Handling – Measure memory usage of the iPhone application and identify all memory leaks
  • App Sleep Mode – Test the application response in the sleep mode.
  • Accelerometer – Ensure that iPhone application properly responds to rotations.
  • Battery Usage – Measure the battery usage and will provide feedback on increasing battery life.
  • Retrials in Case of network disconnect – Test behavior in case of network disconnect.


  • Build Acceptance Testing – Performed after every code drop to verify that the application build is stable and ready to be tested.
  • High priority defect fixes – Verify after build acceptance suite execution is complete.
  • iPhone App Test case Execution – High priority test cases are executed first, followed by medium and low priority test cases.
  • iPhone App Regression Testing – Verification of application functionality ensuring that new code did not break the existing functions and the system is not adversely affected by any code or configuration changes.
  • iPhone App AdHoc Testing – Testing random actions in an attempt to break the system. Such executions include (but are not limited to) inputting invalid values, malicious input, and unnatural navigation.
  • iPhone App Compatibility Testing -Test in the following OS/Device combination:
3.x 4.1 4.2 4.3.2
iPad 1st gen X X
iPad 2 X X
Edge X X
3G X X
iPhone 4 X

The Benefit

  • Improved Customer Experience – Leveraging a testing partner with extensive experience with App Store and iPhone testing streamlined the development, testing, and release process. It also helped to ensure the bottom line – excellent app reviews.
  • Reduced Costs – Another advantage of partnering with a testing expert with iPhone app experience is saved time and money and releasing on time and within budget.
  • Expertise – Our iPhone app testing experience allows us to hit the ground running meaning our clients don’t have to deal with a long ramp-up time.

Customer Quote:

“We really need a testing partner who not only had experience with iPhone apps, but who knew how to navigate the App Store certification process. SQA Solution helped us through the entire process.”

—CIO, iPhone App Development

For more on how SQA Solution can help your company improve testing processes, check us out online at or call 1.888.789.1482.


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