Case Study: Test Automation

by admin on July 27, 2011

The Client

Our Client is a leading retailer that relies on its eCommerce website for all of their online transactions.

The Challenge

With the frequent changes and added functionality our client needed a regression test suite and automation testing expert to help implement. With over 1,500 manual test cases, the QA process was very lengthy and was very challenging to maintain. What was need was someone to build a solution, choose a tool, and build robust automation scripts based on the framework, that to run on-demand.

The Solution

SQA Solution first completed a Free Rapid Assessment to evaluate the best way to reduce the test cycle time, increase the testing coverage, and improve the web site quality while reducing QA cost. We began by evaluating the technology and scope of test cases to be automated. Part of the evaluation was to offered our client a review and pro’s and cons’ for using open source tools versus commercial testing tools. The client’s decision was QTP as their automation tool, a decision that would easily integrate with their current HP products Quality Center.

In defining the QTP framework, SQA Solution focused on building a framework to reduce both the time of test script creation and maintenance. The framework had to be application-independent and reliable, scalable, and maintainable. Our proposal included a keyword driven approach is where keywords direct the test flow allowing testers to add user-specified test data into test scripts. The input data is separate from the code, and our framework takes tester-specified input files form an Excel spreadsheet then runs a QTP automated script with the specified data.

Our automation testing experts used standard QTP functions and language to build a library of all functions, drivers, and environment settings — action functions associated with objects Edit, Button, Combo Box, List Box, Table, etc. and data-base connectors.

The framework was built in three days and in the following 10 days, 1,500 test cases were automated. A virtual environment was set up to allow our client to kick-off several automation scripts at the same time from multiple virtual locations collecting all test results in a log file emailed to the user.

The Benefit

SQA Solution helped the Client to reduce the QA cycle  time by 40% and add many additional test cases without affecting schedules and keep test cycles under control. In addition, SQA Solution helped the Client to automate the system deployment process, as well as the system installation, installation testing, smoke tests, feature testing (including integration with other tools), performance testing and all the report generation to produce reliable quality metrics.

  • 24/7 testing
  • Faster test execution
  • Reusable test scripts
  • Reliable and predictable results
  • Reduced need for large test teams
  • Guarantee better quality software

Customer Quote:

“SQA Solution helped us determine the right automation strategy for our organization and implemented faster than we could have imagined.”

— CTO, San Francisco Retailer

For more on how SQA Solution can help your company improve testing processes, check us out online at or call 1.888.789.1482.

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