Case Study: Mobile Automation

by admin on July 14, 2011

The Client

A software development company providing web and mobile application development services to both large and small companies.

The Challenge

Gaining a competitive advantage by reducing time-to-market. Our client was hired to develop an Android application for a financial institution including building a framework to be used for multiple marketing programs run by the bank. With only 72-hours to develop and release a working product, a solution to rapidly and thoroughly test the application on multiple devices and Android versions was needed.

The Solution

Leveraging SQA Solution’s On-Demand Mobile Test Automation experts to review the application’s functionality and framework using a solid mobile test automation methodology that includes a partnership with a cloud-based enterprise. The testing solution provided by SQA Solution included:

Scoping Test Cases & Test Data: Identification of test cases that fully regression testing the framework.

Identifying Test Environment: Development of a list of supported devices and OS, and created a test matrix.

Developing Test Scripts: Partnering with DeviceAnywhere for its Test Automation. DeviceAnywhere is a cloud-based enterprise SaaS product that automates the testing of all of your mobile apps and website and is a highly scalable solution that is purpose-built for mobile apps and websites. With Test Automation, we can quickly create and automate test scripts to capture, verify, and replay real user interactions on live mobile devices. This solution combines the convenience and efficiency of test automation with the accuracy of live mobile interactions to generate reliable, reportable, and actionable results.

Unit Testing Scripts: Testing our scripts to ensure that they run smoothly and produce expected results.

Executing Scripts & Gathering Results: Executed scripts and reviewed test results with development team.

Re-Testing & Wrap-up: Re-running the scripts once all bugs were resolved, and verified the fixes utilizing mobile automation test scripts. At the end of the project, we prepared test summary report and instructions on how to run mobile test automation scripts.

The Benefits

By using Mobile Test Automation Scripts, our team was able to develop and turnaround mobile testing in 24-hours. This allowed our customer to quickly fix all bugs, and successfully release the application to the App Store, meeting their client’s needs and maintaining edge in a highly competitive environment. Our client continues to use our script allowing them to unit test on real devices with the ability to troubleshoot bugs directly and easily ensuring that the current functionality remains stable. Our customer’s benefits from mobile test automation include:

  • Improve Time-to-Market Delivering customized versions faster to its end-customers.
  • Reduce Costs Using effective automation techniques results in savings to the client.
  • Minimize Downtime More than 80% of the test cases automated, bringing the down the time required to do build verification & basic testing from 3-days to 8- hours.

For more on how SQA Solution can help your company improve testing processes, check us out online at or call 1.888.789.1482.

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