Case Study: iPhone App Testing on Real Handsets

by admin on July 12, 2011

The Client

Our client is a leading iPhone app developer that introduces more than 100 different new applications a year. To keep up with it’s competitive advantage our client needed to release a quality apps to the market fast. With a lot of applications in the App Store and the ever evolving iPhone, iPod and iPad devices and OS’s, there is a huge burden on the company to test their applications on real devices connected to real live global network.

The Challenge

Prior to working with SQA Solution, our client worked with other mobile testing companies. There were two major problems with this approach, however. The first was the recruiting beta testers, you are not necessarily testing on all devices/OS, and recruiting process is slow and painful, and not always a good investment. The second issue was that there was no way to consolidate and leverage the mobile testing expertise aggregated over the years by the QA teams.

The Solution

SQA Solution’s Mobile Testing Experts reviewed application and it’s design and requirements, and provided proposal with a test approach to a client. We leveraged our expertise in mobile application testing with:

Our team developed a set of test cases to ensure that mobile applications function properly on all supported devices/OS.

Our experts leveraged our proven methodology:

Define Testing Scope (Define a list of supported devices/OS/carriers)
Build Test Plan and Test Cases
Setup Test Environment (back end and devices)
Execute Tests
Review and work with dev team to resolve found defects
ReTest fixes
Create Test Summary Report
Obtain Quality Certificate

Our mobile QA engineers are well versed with various mobile platforms such as Android SDK, iPhone SDK, HTML5\CSS3, REST and RIM\BlackBerry and were responsible for:

– Test on multiple iPod, iPhone and iPad devices

– Create and execute tests for handheld devices

– Construct test environments to simulate real world environments

– Extract appropriate logs and gather diagnostic information for issues encountered during testing

– Construct test cases for the defined test plan; modify the existing test cases as the test requirements change

– Collaborate daily with the QA, Development, and Product team to ensure that quality standards are met

– Use feedback from customer support to expand test scenarios

-Assist product team in resolving layout and formatting issues (e.g. design, user-flow experience)

– Research, identify, reproduce, isolate and report defects

– Verify resolved defects against all applicable environments

– Track and verify defects in Production with the help of Customer Advocates

– Provide input/status updates regarding test progress/results on a daily basis

The Benefit

Our client releases their application to App Store, and all of their submissions were approved from a first submissions. and have 4+ stars in App Store with great reviews and feedback

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