RentTesters Software Testing Service

by RentTesters on June 22, 2011

RentTesters Software Testing Service

RentTesters provides an extensive range of Testing services to ensure the success of our clients’ projects while attaining the highest level of Return on Investment. RentTesters employs a robust test strategy for our customers supported by the highest standards of test processes towards building block for successful testing. RentTesters helps our clients independently assess current state of testing from strategic and operational perspectives, identify opportunities for improvement, and transform their testing function into a world-class service.Over the years, our experience in Software Testing has widened our range of services and today includes:

RentTesters On-Demand Testing Service

At RentTesters, we appreciate the continuously shifting nature of the business environment and we constantly adapt our services to meet the needs of our clients. RentTesters provides Testing resources that can carry out testing tasks on site or off site, when required. RentTesters is available during release cycles, test execution iterations, and where or when our clients’ quality process lifecycle makes it expedient. RentTesters On Demand resources carry out Requirements and Specification analysis, test case specification and design, test execution, defects follow-up and re-testing, Regression testing and Performance testing.Our On Demand service is just the answer for small to medium sized companies and projects with limited budgets. Thus, there is no need for huge testing budgets and clients can reserve as little as 5 man days of testing service spread over a month either on site or even the more economical off-site (at our San Francisco office). RentTesters offers complete flexibility.

Outsourced Testing Service

RentTesters provide outsourced services to clients who require an highly skilled, experienced and independent testing team to ensure the quality of their software development. Our clients choose us for their testing outsourcing to take advantage of our exceptional zeal to ensure the highest quality of software for our clients and their customers. RentTesters has proven ourselves repeatedly and have managed to successfully achieve repeat business with our clients over the years, as RentTesters always assist our clients achieve their quality aims and goals, while coming up with unique propositions for each client’s distinctive needs.

Agile (SCRUM) Testing Service

At RentTesters we are up to date with new test methodologies such as agile development methodology and we assist our clients with the transition to an agile environment such as SCRUM. In an agile environment, you are able to target new requirements, changes or updates to your application, while simultaneously maintaining high standards of testing for your team. RentTesters implements an agile system for small teams (or streams) of your application, using defined ‘user-stories’. In implementing an agile methodology, we ensure the most efficient processes are implemented successfully and time is saved with the lowest possible risks to you and your business.

About RentTesters

RentTesters is a provider of On Demand software testing , Our US based and global professionals with proven methodologies serve as software testing partner throughout a client’s product implementation schedule. Our clients rely on RentTesters services to deliver quality and bug free software to their customers. Based in San Francisco, California RentTesters and maintains offices in India and Ukraine providing services under the RentTesters name. To learn more about the RentTesters team, visit

RentTesters is an SEI – CMM Level 4, ISO – 9001:2000; ISO – 27001 Certified, 20+ people Software Testing Company. We have been providing services since 2001. Contact us for more details

How RentTesters Can Help You

Want to learn more about how RentTesters can help you with create and implement your organization’s software testing services? Contact Us to get detailed information about what’s included in our services. Request a Quote from us today.

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