RentTesters offers Free Quality Assessment

by RentTesters on June 22, 2011

RentTesters offers Free Quality Assessment

We offer free rapid On-Demand assessments of your quality organization and projects enabling you to deliver the highest quality solution at the lowest possible cost.

1.    Free Assessment:  RentTesters provides a Test Architect based out of San Francisco, CA to assess your QA organization, team, project or work product!

2.   RentTesters develops and documents a solution that includes goal and methodology for your organization.

3.   RentTesters personnel meets with the client to review the assessment and discuss implementation process.

4.   RentTesters will prepare a contract that will be customized based on your organizational needs for the services offered.

We have a proven track record and breadth of expertise in all aspects of Software Quality Assurance practices and methodologies empowering us to provide you with the most effective solution for your organization.

Don’t wait! Take advantage of this opportunity to save up to 30% on professional software testing services!

About RentTesters

RentTesters is a provider of On Demand software testing, Our US based and global professionals with proven methodologies serve as software testing partner throughout a client’s product implementation schedule. Our clients rely on RentTesters services to deliver quality and bug free software to their customers. Based in San Francisco, California RentTesters maintains offices in Canada, India and Ukraine providing services under the RentTesters name. To learn more about the RentTesters team, visit

RentTesters specializes in Software Quality Assurance Testing. We offer:

» SQA Consulting

Our in-depth knowledge of client industries, IT structure and SQA processes help companies increase their profit. We look very carefully at our client’s organization and the market in which it operates, to ensure that we can provide Cost effective Quality services. RentTesters collaborative approach to our clients’ issues is optimized when we are able to create a joint vision of the business together. Click here to learn More about our SQA Consulting Services


» Outsourcing

RentTesters team works out of our Testing Center lab, and Depending on the project interaction requirements certain resources may work on-site with the client’s staff. This allows our client to leverage RentTesters  lab with computing, communication and network facilities and as always our team is scalable on-demand depending on project needs


» Team Augmentation

Our consultant(s) work on-site at the client’s facilities, and  work directly with the client’s development/IT team, business staff including vendors and customers and as always our team is scalable depending on project needs


» Offshore

All testing is done offshore at the RentTesters certified lab in Canada, India and Ukraine, allowing you to enjoy up to 50% in savings, in comparison with  in-house and other local efforts. Depending on the project needs certain resources may visit and work on-site with the client’s. A dedicated US QA Lead is provided at the client’s location to manage and facilitate all interaction between the client and the offshore team. All services are executed in 24 hour cycles with overlaps during normal business hours and as always our team is scalable on-demand depending on project needs


» Crowd Sourcing

Software is getting ever more complex and impressive – so it makes sense that the performance testing done by software testing service and software testing companies becomes more complex and impressive too. Crowdsourcing is the natural next step – making all our software better from the start. When you’re launching a web, desktop or mobile application, there’s a good chance that some serious bugs will slip past your in-house testing or automated scripts and be discovered by your customers. That’s why so many companies turn to RentTesters for unscripted exploratory testing.

» Ask an Expert

We are passionate about software testing and enjoy talking about software testing. Our team offers over 200 years of combined experience working both for Fortune 500 companies as well as early and mid stage start ups, and helped many to release a quality app to the market.

Whether you want to discuss test automation, load testing or a testing strategy, or experts are here to help you. Submit your question and a member of our technical staff will be in touch to discuss your question.

» Agile (SCRUM) Testing Service

At RentTesters  we are up to date with agile development methodology and we assist our clients with the transition to an agile environment such as SCRUM. In an agile environment, you can concentrate on new requirements, changes or updates to your application, while simultaneously maintaining high standards of testing for your team. RentTesters can implement an agile system for small teams (or streams) of your application, using defined ‘user-stories’. In implementing an agile methodology, we ensure the most efficient processes are implemented successfully and time is saved with the lowest possible risks to you and your organization.


We are in close proximity to the office

We are experienced SQA Engineers who could quickly integrate with any team

Reduce communication issues

Improve Quality

There is much more transparency in the software development process due to the rigorous eye of software testing area.

RentTesters software testing team always assures that the testing is impartial to the core.

Don’t wait too long. Grab this chance that could bring you up to 30% savings for professional software testing services !

About The Author:
Fuad Mak – Co Founder and Test Architect at RentTesters. RentTesters is an SEI – CMM Level 4, ISO – 9001:2000; ISO – 27001 Certified, 20+ people Software Testing Company. We have been providing services since 2001.

Contact us for more detail: Fuad Mak –

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