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by RentTesters on June 22, 2011

In today’s market the trend is to outsource software testing. RentTesters  headquartered in the United States and in technology-rich countries such as Canada, India and Ukraine. RentTesters  boasts the tremendous time and money saving features of outsourcing software testing while stressing high quality work you can count on.

RentTesters  can guide you through outsource software testing process. We begin by carefully analyzing your needs as they relate to this critical phase of software development. Our software testing process is focused on to ensure that the software functions as specified before going into production. We assist companties to make sure that the software is intuitive and easy to use. Let’s face it – no matter how great the software product is, if it’s too cumbersome to use, its usefulness will be short-lived.

Before you make the decision to outsource software testing to RentTesters, it’s important to clarify goals from the outsourcing company. We will implement a software testing process for your organization. And will send consultants to your site to take care of integrating the software testing tools you purchase with your environment. Regardless of your exact software testing needs RentTesters is your outsourcing company. We offer wide variety of software testing services:


One reason companies decide to outsource software testing is to eliminate the learning curve. As a leader in Software testing RentTesters  not only knows about the different software testing tools, our consultants already know how to use these tools. In software development world you know how tight production schedules are. RentTesters  knows saves time and helps keep projects on schedule. Software delays are costly so when weighing the costs vs. benefits of outsourcing software testing to RentTesters , determine how project delays affect your bottom line.

Oftentimes RentTesters partners with software development houses that cannot afford to hire and maintain a full-time development team and an in-house software testing team. For these companies, the decision to outsource software testing to RentTesters is an easy one.

The decision to outsource software testing to RentTesters makes sense for many companies. If you are thinking about outsource, get your expectations and your costs from RentTesters . We will setup a method of reporting bugs back to you to ensure that the information you receive back is useful. RentTesters assists companies with regression testing, script maintenance, and load tests.

When you outsource software testing to RentTesters, you build a solid relationship with us for future projects. We have great references and you are welcome to speak with clients who have given their software testing work to the RentTesters  outsource company. As tempting as it may be don’t let cost be the deciding factor. Remember, cheaper isn’t always better.

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