New to QTP 9.2

by RentTesters on June 22, 2011

I have recently started coding in QTP 9.2.
Hence one can easily contemplate my position about the entire genre of Automation Testing, and that would essentially mean that I am not well accustomed to the various coding conventions and syntax to be precise. Therefore any insights, tips, advise would really be very helpful in my endeavour to become a good automation tester.

My request to one and all is that, it would really be very helpful if I could get to some reliable(sites which have a proven track record of providing quality study material) websites, tutorials which would eventually be very instrumental in building a solid base in Automation Testing.

P.S. I have already gone through some websites, but didn’t find them to be very useful. Also, I have downloaded the QTP 9.5 evaluation version software from HP’s site, but it is not getting installed in my machine, giving some unusual error, which says (some name).dll not found in the package.

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qtppro October 3, 2008 at 8:07 pm

Here are some good sites to learn QTP. php?Cat=0&Number=402552&an=0&page=0#Post402552 uicktestprofessi onal.blogspot. com
. blogspot. com

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