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by RentTesters on June 22, 2011

New service has been presented by SQA SOLUTION – iPhone Testing. iPhone App Testing is the most critical step in the iPhone application development process iPhone App Testing is the process of testing iPhone applications. As iPhones uses new technologies and more potentialities and as customer console with using iPhones persists to develop, the iPhone applications marketplace continues to be a beneficial one. To help realize this potential, iPhone application developers understand the need of iPhone App Testing and quality assurance values. This movement toward standardized iPhone App Testing requirements has already begun to unfold. By doing so, there is much to gain for all. IPhone applications have never been popular in earlier days, but now its popularity is booming day by day. IPhone application developers are facing a crowd of challenges due to the increasing difficulty of iPhone App Testing across different handsets, languages and locations.

SQA Solution’s iPhone App Testers offers iPhone App Testing services to simplify the iPhone App Testing needs for applications developers. To provide iPhone App Testing services SQA Solution launched iPhone App Testers in San Francisco on 19th July 2009. As the iPhone become so omnipresent, the requirement for reliable iPhone App Testing services has become even more compelling. iPhone App Testers provides following services

Test Preparation — Define and Build by iPhone App Testers

SQA Solution’s iPhone App Testers will develop test cases for all in scope features and test types. Test Cases will be maintained in online test management tool.. iPhone App Testers will test for the following:

• Handset application functionality Testing iPhone App Testers perform real iPhone App Testing of the application, with various scenarios. Our team will test the application based on defined specifications
• Performance and Scalability Testing Backend applications will need to manage the traffic of multiple mobile devices at the same time. iPhone App Testers will identify all the load issues and will help make system more scalable.
• Usability & Compatibility Testing iPhone App Testers verify the effectiveness of Usability of application on the various devices including interoperability with other applications running on the device. iPhone App Testers Certify the Application on iPod/iPhone devices for the correct behavior and interactions
• UI Response Application iPhone App Testers verify the response of each function and measure the performance of each response.
• Settings response iPhone App Testers verify all settings available for the application and test the functionality of each setting
• Crash Points iPhone App Testers will identify all crash points, and will work with development team to resolve them
• Low Connectivity iPhone App Testers will test the behavior of iPhone App in Low connectivity mode and verify proper behavior
• Response Memory Handling iPhone App Testers will measure the memory usage of the application and identify all memory leaks
• Sleep Mode iPhone App Testers will test the application response in the sleep mode.
• Accelerometer iPhone App Testers will test to ensure that iPhone application properly responds to rotations
• Battery Usage iPhone App Testers will measure the battery usage and will provide feedback on increasing battery life
• Retrials in Case of network disconnect iPhone App Testers will test application behavior in case of network disconnect


  • Build Acceptance Testing -The first test iPhone App Testers team performs after every code drop. Verifying that the application build is stable to be tested.
  • High priority defect fixes – iPhone App Testers will verify after build acceptance suite execution is complete.
  • General test case execution shall be priority based, where high priority test cases are executed first, followed by medium and low priority test cases.
  • Regression Testing – iPhone App Testers will perform verification of application functionality to verify that new code did not break the existing functions and the system is not adversely affected by any code or configuration changes.
  • Ad-Hoc – iPhone App Testers will conduct Testing where random actions are executed in an attempt to break the system. Such executions include (but are not limited to) inputting invalid values, malicious input, and unnatural navigation.
  • iPhone Compatibility Testing- iPhone App Testers will test in the following OS/ Device combination:
2.0 2.2 2.2.1 3.X
iPod Touch 1st gen X X
iPod Touch 2nd gen X
Edge X X
3G X X


Test Method
iPhone App Testers team will manually test functionality based on the requirements in the test environment
iPhone App Testers will test IPHONE APP website to verify that all functions are implemented correctly and according to the specifications
iPhone App Testers team will analyze and record all test results
iPhone App Testers will use it’s own lab to conduct compatibility test
• Defects found by iPhone App Testers during testing will be logged into the Bug Tracking Database.
• All fixed defects will be verified by iPhone App Testers

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About SQA Solution
SQA Solution, Inc. is a provider of testing services combining global resources with proven program management methodologies serving as an outsource partner throughout a client’s product implementation schedule. Global organizations rely on SQA Solution. services to deliver quality and bug free software to their customers. Based in San Francisco, California SQA Solution maintains offices in 5 countries and providing services under the SQA Solution name. To learn more about the SQA Solutionteam, visit http://www.SQASolution.com



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