How do you beta test an iphone app?

by RentTesters on June 22, 2011

Submitting a beta build

iPhone App Testing is the most critical step in the iPhone application development process iPhone App Testing is the process of testing iPhone applications.

After collecting device identifiers from , you’ll need to go into the Program Portal and add the devices. I’ve found that the easiest way to manage this is by using the tester’s name as the device name.

Once you’ve finished entering up to 100 device identifiers, you’ll need to add these devices to the your Ad Hoc provisioning profile (Edit > Modify.)

After you’ve finished updating the profile, Download the .mobileprovision file and move it into ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles.

Now quit and restart Xcode so that it recognizes the new provisioning and perform the following steps:

  1. Select the beta configuration you setup earlier.
  2. Open your project settings with Project > Edit Project Settings.
  3. Update the “Code Signing Provisioning Profile” to use the name of the provisioning you just installed in MobileDevice.

You’ll notice that it’s quite a bit of work to update the provisioning, and since you’re modifying the contents of the project, you’re going to need to checkin .xcodeproj changes to your version control system. My recommendation is to get all your beta testers lined up and do it all at once.

Distributing and installing the beta

At this point, you can do a beta build and it can be run by your beta testers. The only thing left to do is getting them the software.

To install the .mobileprovision file, the beta tester can just drag it onto the iTunes icon in the Dock. After unzipping the .app bundle, your tester can drag the application into Application in the iTunes Library. The next time they sync, the beta version of your application should appear on the device.

If your testers are managing a lot of different applications, they may find that the iPhone Configuration Utility is easier to use than iTunes. It has facilities to manage multiple devices, provisioning profiles and applications.

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