Case Study: Test Automation of Regression Test Suite for e-Commerce Site

by admin on June 22, 2011

The Client

Our client is a chain of mid-range department stores that sells online women’s clothing, men’s clothing, kid’s clothing, furniture, bedding, jewelry, and shoes. Their e-commerce site allows them to increase their profits. Their website is among the highest revenue generating retail eCommerce websites, with an average daily revenue close to $5 million.

The Challenge

To implement an e-commerce site, our client purchased third-party e commerce software that needed to be customized to meet their needs. However, every new change in a system needed regression testing and smoke testing. This was a huge burden on their QA team, and their team quickly realized the need for automation testing in order to be able to release changes to production faster. Our customer had to improve its image and address all issues found in production immediately without spending weeks on manual regression testing.

The Solution

Due to lack of test automation expertise in  a team, our client turned to SQA Solution for test automation experts. Our test automation team quickly worked with their team to identify a set of test cases to be automated for automated regression testing.  Our experts worked with the client to identify an automation tool and helped the client to purchase HP QTP 10.0.

Our team  assessed the automation frameworks and proposed a Keyword-Driven Automation Framework. Due to the fact that all test cases were data dependent, we added capability of data driving user-specified data inside test case(s). This allowed our customer to take an input file in the form of an Excel spreadsheet and run a QTP test with specified data.

Our Test Automation Engineer was responsible for:

  • Conducting Automation Feasibility Study.
  • Building test automation frameworks for multilingual dynamic retail e commerce website from the ground up.
  • Developing and executing automated test suites for retail e-commerce websites and web applications.
  • Running and Maintaining Test Automation Scripts for regression testing.
  • Performing functional test automation and execution of processes for retail e-commerce website.
  • Analyzing test coverage and results to verify functionality.

Our test automation accelerator allows us to save time on  Script Automation by as much as 40%, leveraging  Object Repositories, reusable functions, and framework.

The Benefits

SQA Solution provided a cost-effective approach for automated smoke and regression testing of retail e-commerce websites and web applications using HP QTP 10.0.  Our client now has a maintainable test suite and a reduced QA cycle time for regression testing as much as 32%, while increasing the coverage and meeting quality goals. Our client can now respond quickly to issues found in production and perform full-blown regression testing in under 6 hours.

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