Case Study: SAP Testing, Legacy Integration, EDI testing for top Pharma company

by admin on June 22, 2011

One of top 10 Pharma Companies.

Our team was involved in implementation of SAP ERP system in the FDA validated environment. We managed/implemented the effort of testing all legacy systems integrated with SAP for both stage I and stage II of the implementation. We were involved from planning to supporting stages of project life cycle. As SQA consultants we were responsible to: design a Master Test Plan, Set up testing Check Points, Design Test Cases, Execute Test Cases, Report the results. Validation included but was not limited to the following tasks: ensure that data does not get corrupted during the end to end transaction; ensure that all interfaces are in place and are able to handle data input and outputs; verify that db tables are in place to accommodate integration; verify that all cron jobs are scheduled and executed on time and verifying the reporting.

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