Case Study: Data Migration Testing Methodology

by admin on June 22, 2011

At SQA Solution we use blend of home grown and market popular tools such as Microsoft’s SSMA or Oracle’s Migration workbench, IBM’s Migration Toolkit etc, Quest code tester for Oracle etc, for data migration validation.

SQA Solution’s data validation accelerators helps reducing data validation effort by 60%.

Migration Testing–Analysis phase

  • Understand all data sources and data within that have to be migrated
  • Data analysis and Profiling of data
  • Identify the size of data and database objects to be migrated for scoping
  • Verify the mapping between source and target databases/tables
  • Recommend a POC for complex application testing
  • Prepare Detailed Test Plan and Test Strategy

Migration Testing–Pre-Validation phase

  • Build the QA/Test environment (installing, configuration of the required h/w and s/w)
  • Configure the source and target database environment
  • Populate the test data or production data, extract to the source test database server
  • Install and configure SQA Solution’s accelerators for migration validation/testing
  • Validate the scripts or ETL built for data migration

Migration Testing–Validation phase

  • Perform smoke test for quick validation
  • Run the migration utility/ETL/ scripts for data load
  • Monitor the data load time and error logs
  • Terminate the data load if error threshold exceeds
  • Run SQA Solution’s TSP’s/DBQGen utility to validate the data between source and target databases
  • Report issues/defects

Migration Testing–Post Validation phase

  • Analyze test results
  • Perform Security audit

Additional Benefits

  • We have a repository of “rich experiences in handling complex migration scenarios and best practices” for data migration validation which helps solving most of the complexities encountered during migration testing
  • Our Migration testing, besides functional, also covers database performance, scalability, and security, to ensure that the migrated database is secure and performs better.




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