Apple App Store Rejections

by RentTesters on June 22, 2011

Iphone app testing is a critical step in building iphone app. There are a lot of apps being rejected by apple due to lack ofIphone app testing.
Apple said it gets about 8,500 app submissions a week, some brand new and some updates to existing programs. There are more than 40 people work full-time to review the apps, and at least two auditors look at each app. Iphone app testing The team reviews 95 percent of apps within two weeks, and about 20 percent are not approved on the first try. Iphone app testing Apple said most of the rejections are due to glitches in the application itself, Iphone app testing but that it also rejects programs that “degrade the core experience of the iPhone.”Iphone app testing
To avoid a rejection of your application or bad user review, Iphone app testingdeveloped the process and methodology that ensures the application functionality on end-user devices connected to global networks. Iphone app testing Our goal is to help you raise profits by making sure that you release the highest quality applications to the App Store and increase positive user reviews. Iphone app testing
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Iphone app testing

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