Getting your iPhone app right from the first time.

by admin on June 22, 2011

Developers get one shot to get their application right or risk getting bad reviews and no downloads/purchases, so the success of your application will depend on a great user experience and time to market. As many of the developers experienced the approval process of the application can be lengthy and frustrating.. There are many stories of developers submitting their apps several times before Apple approves them for the App Store. Most of the failed App Store submissions usually are about content , illegal API use or poor User Interface. Apple publishes a guidelines for developing the application, and those who ignore the rules often face rejections from the store.

To solve this problem iPhone App Testers ( developed a Test Suite that that is used along with the functionality and compatibility tests to test against Apple’s guidelines. Here is a sample test suite:
Handset application functionality Testing We perform real iPhone based testing of the application, with various scenarios. Our team will test the application based on defined specifications
• Device Certification We certify applications on actual device. We test the performance of the application, resource usage, behavior and interactions
• Performance and Scalability Testing Backend applications will need to manage the traffic of multiple mobile devices at the same time. This test will identify all the load issues and will help make system more scalable.
• Usability & Compatibility Testing We verify the effectiveness of Usability of application onto various devices including interoperability with other applications running on the device. We Certify the Application on Various mobile devices for the correct behavior and interactions
• UI Response Application We verify the response of each function and measure the performance of each response. We also test for Receiving a Push Notification
• Using Cut, Copy & Paste- We verify that your application correctly handles 1. Using Cut, Copy & Paste
• Settings response We verify all settings available for the application and test the functionality of each setting
• Crash Points We will identify all crash points, and will work with development team to resolve them
• Low Connectivity We will test the behavior of iPhone App in Low connectivity mode and verify proper behavior
• Response Memory Handling We will measure the memory usage of the application and identify all memory leaks
• Sleep Mode We will test the application response in the sleep mode.
• Accelerometer We will test to ensure that iPhone application properly responds to rotations
• Battery Usage We will measure the battery usage and will provide feedback on increasing battery life
• Retrials in Case of network disconnect We will test application behavior in case of network disconnect
Leaving out testing could cause App Store approval delays and bad reviews.

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